10 tips to ace that job interview

June 23, 2017

Congratulations! You have just got an opportunity to get hired for that coveted job you have been eyeing. Now what?Here are 10 tips for impressing the interviewer enough, for the offer to be locked in your name!

1. Scheduling the Interview

Choose a timing when the interviewer is relatively relaxed. An early morning slot or end of the day slot is not a wise choice, as the Interviewer may be in a hurry. Do not interview on the same day as the strongest candidates if you have this information beforehand.

Reach at least half an hour before the Interview. Punctuality is a valued skill in every Industry and reaching late may annoy the Interviewer. A great way to schedule online interviews, is through interviewfox, where you can pick an interview time that’s convenient to you.

2. Outfit

Wear a neat outfit. According to the CareerBuilder Survey, the color of your outfit helps the employer to judge your personality. Blue portrays a Team Player while black suggests leadership potential. Orange is considered the worst color to wear for Interviews, and suggests that the candidate is unprofessional.

  • Gray: Logical/analytical
  • White: Organized
  • Brown: Dependable
  • Red: Power
  • Green, Yellow, Orange, or Purple: Creative

Don’t over-accessorize and minimal makeup works the best. Also, don’t forget to wear a soothing perfume that does not overpower your personality.

3. Body Language

  • A Firm Handshake is a good start to the interview as it portrays confidence.
  • Sit upright on the seat, with feet touching the floor.
  • Show your palms to suggest sincerity but avoid overdoing hand gestures as it may distract the Interviewer.
  • Nod your head when you are listening to the Interviewer, as this suggests that you are attentive

4. Mould the Answers

Every Interviewer has a different personality. Hence, each would appreciate different kind of answers. Their inclination to liking your answers can be affected by Age, Gender and Designation. Thus, in the starting few minutes of the Interview, try to understand the Interviewer and tailor your answers accordingly.

For example, An Interviewer who is still in 30s would like someone who understands the balance between professional and personal life, but an Interviewer who is in 60s, would like answers that show your loyalty towards the organisation. Also try to find something in common with the Interviewer through the course of the Interview. Such conversations are great Ice-Breakers.

5. Asking Questions is Important

Know the Company thoroughly. Do a good secondary research on the company and Ask the Right questions which would show your sincerity to the Interviewer. Compliment the Organisation but do not look desperate to get the job there.

6. Answering Common Interview Questions

  • Introduce yourself
  • What are your Strengths/Weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to join our organisation?
  • Why do you want to leave your current organisation?
  • Where do you see yourself 5/10 years down the line?

Answer the questions confidently, try to emphasize on any leadership done in the past, and keep eye contact while answering the question. While you may have answers to these questions in your mind, make sure they don’t look rehearsed. If you want to make a great first impression on prospective employers, record a perfect audio profile on interviewfox. These recorded profiles are made available to employers/recruiters to listen to, and you have a greater chance of getting noticed.

7. Do not get Stressed in case of any Curve ball questions

Interviewers try to create stress for the candidate by asking cross questions on the reply or by not agreeing to the answers. These are the questions that are used for gauging the character and temperament of the candidate. Stay calm and answer the questions if you know, and in case you don’t know the answer, say so, politely.

8. Come prepared with knowledge about the market trends with respect to salary for the position, and facts to negotiate the salary. Stick to your demand but be friendly and open to suggestions.

9. Eat a healthy and refreshing meal before the Interview so that you feel fresh and look energized.

10. Show interest in the position by following up on the result of the Interview.

Follow these tips and you won’t fail to impress the Interviewer! Start scheduling interviews on interviewfox and go get your dream job.