5 tips to record the perfect audio profile and get hired

September 6, 2017

The most qualified person gets the job!


This is undoubtedly one of the greatest myths when it comes to a job interview and recruitment process. Many a times it has been observed that a candidate who is less qualified but has a better personality/presence, has greater chances of getting hired than the one who looks merely good on paper.


What you state in your resume is always not enough. You have to show your recruiter why you are better than the rest. The person who is going through your resume will not be able to understand your personality from your resume, but he/she definitely can if there is something more that you can present apart from your qualifications and experiences on paper.


Something like an audio profile.


So where do you create an audio profile?


Interviewfox.com offers you the feature of recording an audio profile where you can impress your recruiters with a perfect 2-minute audio recording, highlighting your personal traits and strengths, interests, achievements, education and experience.


While your resume may provide sufficient details about you as a prospective job candidate, an audio profile is a notch higher in this regard. It gives you the opportunity to connect with your recruiter, without a physical meeting.


You must be thinking, despite all your qualifications and experiences mentioned in the resume, how can an audio profile be so important?


“Speech is power, speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.”


What you say and the way you say it always leaves a positive impression on your recruiters. It is your first chance to mark your presence as a prospective employee in the recruiter’s mind.


So then, how do you ensure that you record the best audio profile to get noticed and shortlisted?


Here are few points to heed to before recording your perfect audio profile:


1.      Take note of your surroundings


Remember that every sound that you hear around you, will definitely get recorded.


For a clear audio recording, you have to ensure that there are no background noises.


The surrounding sounds that we are accustomed to, like the sound of a ceiling fan, noise of an AC unit, traffic outside the window or the television, may not seem to be a disturbance. However, it can prove to be a great hindrance if all these sounds get recorded in your audio profile, even though they are mere background noises, there is a high possibility that these noises might suppress your own voice.


A simple way to deal with this is to sit in the room and keep your eyes closed to concentrate on the sounds that you can hear. Once you figure out the source, you can easily come up with a solution for it.


     Switch off television and radio sets before you start recording the audio profile. If you have your computer open, make sure no video or audio sites are open.

      You can put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door so that any other member of the house does not disturb you, even accidentally.

     Keep your pets strictly away from the room. You may love to have your pet around, but your voice might not be intelligible if your pet starts making some noise while you are recording.

     Close the windows to cut down on noise from outside traffic and surroundings. Also, a furnished room with carpets and curtains is a better place for recording.



2.      Modulate your voice for your advantage


If you love listening to the radio, you would be aware of how important voice modulation is to impress your listeners.


In an audio profile, the recruiter cannot see your facial expressions or body language. Hence, what you say and most importantly, how you say it, connects you and the recruiter.


First of all, make sure that you speak slowly and clearly. These two things are very important to get your point across.


Do not speak in a very high or a very low pitch. Keep it medium.


Your voice should not sound monotonous. There should be a rise and fall in your tone while you speak.


Another point to remember is stressing on certain words that you think justifies your credibility and makes you better than the rest. It will add an impact to your speech.


3.      Know the importance of a pause


“The right word may be effective but nothing has ever been as effective as a rightly timed pause.”


What you want to convey is done not only by your words but also by the pauses. It is actually a strategic tool that helps you build a personal connection with the listener.


 A pause will allow your recruiter to process what you said while staying engaged, and they will also be able to follow what you will be saying next.


If you are a person who tends to speak fast, it is all the more important for you to pause while you are talking.


However, do not keep your pauses too long as that can break the connection and the listener will lose interest in what you were saying. Moreover, you will lose out on time.


4.      Stick to the most important points


You just have 2 minutes to impress your recruiter in an audio profile.


Do not waste your time giving out irrelevant information.


Every recruiter has 3 main questions in mind while hiring –

     Why should we hire you?

     What are your strengths?

     What can you do that other candidates can’t?


Make sure that your audio profile clearly answers these questions.


Always start with introducing yourself and mention your current job position along with the responsibilities you have at your workplace so that the listener knows at the very beginning what you are capable of.


You can then speak about your educational background and move on to what makes you different from the other candidates. Talk about your achievements at your workplace and the professional qualities that you have. Mention your work experience and any personal interest that helps you get better with skills that you require even at work.


In the end, do mention about what are you looking for in a new job and the expectations you have regarding the new role.


This helps you paint a better picture in front of the recruiter regarding your abilities and expectations.


5.      Prevent any distractions from the phone


The interviewfox android mobile app allows you to record an audio profile from your smartphone.


Do not forget that your phone is a multifunctional device.


While you record the audio, the tone from your incoming app notifications can prove to be a major distraction, taking the listener’s attention away from the main subject.


Before recording, ensure to put your phone on silent mode and turn off all notifications for a clear audio profile. Do not forget to cross-check the audio file before uploading.


Keep these suggestions in mind while you record your 2-minute audio profile on the interviewfox android mobile app; you can also upload your audio profile on interviewfox.com. Impress your recruiters and bag the job of your choice. Register today!