5 ways to simplify your hiring process

November 30, 2017

“The candidate called up thrice in a day and then didn’t turn up for the interview. I never expected such unprofessional behaviour!”

“When it comes to selecting candidates for interviews, my luck is always very bad.”

“None of the candidates who applied for the job were suitable for the role.”

You, as a recruiter or hiring manager, may have often complained this way about candidates – be it about wrong attitude, behaviour or unprofessionalism. However, have you ever wondered that the fault could be on your side too? Are incorrect/inconvenient recruiting methods and practices you follow, the real reasons that drive away potential candidates?

If the answer is yes, it’s time that you do something about your hiring process.

According to a survey, 56% of recruiters claimed that they can’t make good hires because of lengthy hiring procedures. Almost 76% of job seekers enquire about the length of the application process before they start filling out an application.

Research also says that the average number of applicants for a particular job can be close to 250. Dealing with so many applications on a regular basis can be tough on hiring managers. Therefore, there is a need to simplify the whole process that will be advantageous for both the job seeker and the recruiter.

Listed below are 5 ways to simplify your hiring process -


1.     Clear job descriptions

The first thing that a candidate sees when searching for jobs, is the job title and description. If your job description is vague or confusing, candidates will also be confused. Moreover, it creates a bad impression about you and your company, indicating that you did not spend ample time and thought on creating the job profile, and that you are probably unsure of what you really want.

Your job profile should contain specific keywords, mention the main skills and expertise required, and highlight the benefits of taking up that position. At interviewfox.com, you have the option of canned job descriptions, based on the job title. Once you select the title, the description and keywords will be automatically populated. You can also edit and modify this description.

If your job description is concise and clear, candidates who read it, will self-screen themselves, which will actually save you a lot of time.


2.     Make the application process short & mobile-friendly

If your initial application process is too long and complicated, it may discourage candidates from applying in the first place. You can ask for any detail that you want to know before interviewing the candidate, but it’s advisable to keep these detail-oriented things out of the application process.

Almost 65% of candidates are known to use their smartphones when looking for a job. So, you need to make sure you have a presence on recruiting platforms like interviewfox.com that offer mobile apps for job search if you want to hire the best fit for your company.


3.     Conduct pre-screening interviews

If you think a candidate is good by going through their resume, a quick telephonic pre-screening interview will let you know whether he/she is an apt for the role.

Instead of going through a whole interview process only to reject the candidate later, a pre-screening interview will help you analyse the communication skills and personality of the candidate. This is beneficial for the candidates too, as they can answer your questions at their own convenient location. And, with interviewfox, they can even opt to take the interview at a time convenient to them. The recorded pre-screening interviews are made available to you for listening and shortlisting.

4.     Speed up the entire process

If the completion of your hiring process takes ages, candidates will start losing interest in the job. Remember that no one likes to wait for a long time, especially when there are other options and opportunities readily available for them to shift to.

The easier and simpler your application process, the more candidates it will attract. Online recruiting platforms are a good way to cut down costs as well as time - both being very important resources.

 At interviewfox.com, you can post your open jobs, shortlist candidates based on their audio profile and pre-screening interview, negotiate salary and make an offer in a much lesser time compared to the traditional hiring process. Your hiring time can be reduced up to 80%.

5.     Communication is a must

Silence is golden, but not in every situation. It is very important to not keep a candidate hanging in the air after the interview. Keep them in the loop and inform them regarding the status of their application, even if they have not qualified for the job.

After the interview, do not forget to provide constructive and honest feedback to the candidate. If the candidate has made any mistake, inform them about the same. You may not hire that person, but your feedback can help him/her in future interviews. Remember that a good candidate experience is a must in the hiring process.

You would always want every interview to end well, as any negative review of you or your company on social media can have an adverse effect.

A simple and smart hiring process benefits both the job seekers as well as the recruiters. Register on interviewfox.com today, start a free trial and simplify your hiring process to hire from the best talents.