6 tips to increase the productivity of your employees

July 5, 2017

Before we start on how to increase productivity of existing employees, let’s highlight one very important aspect tied to employee productivity and motivation, and that is, finding the right fit for your company. 

All efforts and steps taken towards increasing productivity by motivating employees will be in vain, if your hires are not suited to be in the role you have chosen them for.

Most job sites only provide you with hordes of resumes, and the job of sifting through them all falls on you. Manually reaching out to prospects for the initial telephonic interview, shortlisting, scheduling face-to- face interviews, evaluating etc. all drain you out of time and energy and take focus away from zeroing in on the perfect candidate for the job. Well, not anymore!

Ensuring job-fit

 On interviewfox.com, you get only the most relevant applicants up front, and their recorded pre-screening interviews are available for you to listen to and to shortlist the best. A host of other features such as recorded audio profile, calling candidates in real time, ability to add multiple hiring team members, uploading resumes and reaching out to hundreds of candidates with just the click of a button etc., help you save up to 80% of time conventionally spent on recruiting, leaving you free to choose the perfect candidate.

Now that you have ensured candidate-job fit, you need to take steps to keep your employees motivated and at their productive best. So, how do you ensure your employees give their 100% on the job?

Compensation? It is important, but it isn’t the only motivator in the modern workplace. The key to increasing productivity in your workforce, is making your employees want to work harder. Here are a few pointers on how you can achieve this:

Encourage Flexibility

For many years, it has been thought that workers would be continuously distracted and unable or unwilling to focus on their work responsibilities, if working from home. However, this does not hold true in today’s world, where, means of immediate communication and connectivity, have made it easier to work from a remote location.

Recently, it has been seen that some employees are more effective when working from home, because of the comfort and control that they have over their working style. In addition to work from home, you should also be flexible with timings and vacations. They only add to the productivity and thus the company has nothing to lose.

Have transparency in Goals and Appraisals

For decades, it has been a thought that companies need to keep their plans open only to the top management. However, it is not the case now. Being transparent directly affects the productivity of your employees. It would make them feel at home and cultivate mutual trust, which will inspire them to work harder.

Transparency in Appraisals would keep them motivated to work harder and better in order to get a pay hike. It has been a common visual in MNCs, to see people losing interest in work post appraisal, as well as a rapid hike in attrition. Any employee who feels the process is unfair can never be an asset to the company, and this is an added advantage of transparent appraisal practices – weeding out unwanted resources.

Celebrate small victories

Reward your employees for a job well done. Reward them even for a small achievement like an appreciation mail from the Client. For example, instead of giving year-end salary raises and bonuses, focus on immediate rewards--celebrate small victories whenever your employees accomplish something.

Thank you notes, recognition awards, opportunities to advance, training opportunities are a few examples. Small gestures, like a pat on the back or the public announcement of an achievement, can go a long way in helping your employees feel valued and appreciated.

Relax on Internet Restrictions

Although analysing employee productivity is critical to the overall health of a company, it is important for managers to understand that everyone is human, and we all need a break from time to time. Short breaks have been proven to help the brain function better. And so, it is perfectly reasonable to let employees conduct personal business on a work computer, while on a break.

Offer healthy snacks and encourage employees to exercise

If you care for your employees’ health, they will return the favour by delivering higher quality work. To encourage them to work out every day, give them an hour to work out or membership of a lavish gym at subsidized costs.

Create a sense of ownership

Encourage every employee to take ownership of all issues in their buckets. This attitude will create a sense of accountability, allowing them to focus on the most important aspects of their jobs. But here is the catch, employees don’t take ownership when they’re treated like employees. So, the employer needs to inculcate a sense of belonging for each and every team member, make them feel valued, and make the system as transparent as possible.


To re-iterate, while all the above points, if implemented, would definitely bring a desirable hike in the productivity of your employees, ensuring a right fit for the job is the most important pre-requisite. Select from a pool of verified candidates on https://www.interviewfox.com/ , pre-screened and ready for you to hire!