Advantages of Online Recruitment

January 22, 2018

“Although training and development are important, recruitment and selection are much more important.”


It is human nature to want the best of everything, and the same applies in the recruitment process as well.Candidates would want to work in the best companies, and employers want to recruit the best candidates. For that, a lot of time and resources goes into the hiring process.


Time is non-refundable and should be used wisely. So how can you make the best choice when it comes to recruitment, in as less time as possible?


This is where online recruitment comes into the picture.


Online recruitment has proved itself to be a boon for the recruitment industry, both for job seekers and recruiters. It has brought about the era of ‘quick hiring’, where candidates can apply for a job of their choice and employers can hire the potential talent within a very short span of time.


Here are some of the major benefits of online recruitment that have led to its wide usage among recruiters and hiring managers -


1. Faster hiring


Using online recruitment tools, you can post a job and within 30 minutes, start receiving job applications for the post. The whole concept of job searching and hiring has taken on a new meaning, with candidates and recruiters being able to connect and interact in real-time, and take decisions in minutes. The entire process is speeded up, starting from receiving applicant’s resumes to making the final offer.


Online recruitment does more than half your hiring job for you and allows you to take time off from the hiring process, so that you can concentrate more on your team and your business.


On a recruiting platform like, candidates upload their resume, record an audio profile and answer pre-screening questions set by you. You can listen to these recordings at your own convenience, give feedback, connect with them via calls and emails, collaborate with your hiring team and make an offer instantly. The whole process is very seamless and saves your hiring time up to 80%.


2.  Easy to use


The whole process of adding a job vacancy and receiving applications from candidates is a lot easier when the recruitment process is online. You only have to prepare a job description and post a job opening; it will be published to a network of job sites and you can start receiving applications almost immediately.


At, you have the option of reaching out to hundreds of candidates within minutes, by uploading bulk resumes on the platform; an email about the job opening automatically goes out to all. The platform also offers canned job descriptions where once you select the job title, the keywords and job description get automatically populated. You can modify the descriptions if required.


A very big advantage of online recruitment is also that the whole process is a lot more trackable as well as manageable, as you will know exactly how your job posting has fared and how many applications you have received. 


3. Get more for the money you spend


It is a known fact that online job portals and recruiting platforms are much more cost effective compared to traditional advertorials in newspapers and magazines. Apart from that, candidates are able to view the posting and apply for it at any hour of the day.


With options such as branded or sponsored job advertisements and targeted job seekers, you will be reaching out to relevant candidates by spending lesser amount of money. This clearly shows that you have a lot of financial advantage when it comes to online recruitment.


3. Reaching out to ones who were once unreachable


It is a rare scenario to see a successful company in today’s time sustaining itself only on candidates from the same city. Markets are getting more and more globalized, goods as well as people are moving at a very fast rate. Due to all this, the demand for both national and international candidates has been on the rise, sometimes even being a necessity instead of only a choice.


Even passive candidates, who were once hard to connect with and attract, are now easily reachable through social media sites. When the best candidates are available online with just the click of a button, it goes without saying that online recruitment is surely your best bet for hiring top quality talent.



4. Equipped with latest technologies


Online recruitment portals and platforms are equipped with the latest and advanced technologies, making the selection of the right candidate very easy for recruiters. Resume parser, semantic matching engine and machine learning enable a highly effective filtration process, through which only the most relevant candidates for the job will be selected. Candidates and employers can also connect in real time, all the while being aware of the progress.


At, candidate resumes are sourced from multiple channels and the resume parser extracts structured data from these resumes. With semantic matching and Artificial Intelligence, the applications are shown in order of relevancy to ensure that the best candidates for the job role are brought to the notice of the recruiters first.


5. Get access anytime, anywhere


When it comes to online recruitment, the talent pool will be accessible by you anytime and anywhere. So if you post a job today and go for a business trip tomorrow, you will still be able to see the job entries coming in for your ad.


There are a lot of modern tools available that will help you find, view as well as communicate with relevant candidates through your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Online recruitment indeed has a major role to play in the hiring game and can prove to be extremely significant for both recruiters and job seekers. Register on, the best online interview and recruiting platform, and speed up your hiring process!