Benefits of a Business Casual Dress Code

March 26, 2018

Are you someone who is not a great fan of dressing up formally on a daily basis?

You are not alone.

Look at Mark Zuckerberg!
He wears the same round neck grey t-shirt to work every day. Ok, we agree that he is the founder and CEO of a multi-billion dollar company that is Facebook, and can pretty much do as he pleases, however this curious habit has quite the interesting philosophy behind it. Zuckerberg feels that by not having to make the decision on what to wear every day, he saves time and energy to spend on more important decisions at work!

While most employees might not really have the freedom to dress as they please like Mark Zuckerberg, they still do prefer to dress in a less rigid and more casual attire to work.

 61% of the millennial workforce looking for a new job in 2017 said they’d have a negative perception of any company that enforced a dress code.

A statistic which employers cannot afford to ignore. More and more companies are moving away from a strict formal dress code to a more business casual dress code and here’s why -

Increased Morale

An employee’s state of mind is dependent on his/her level of comfort. If an organisation demands a particular dress code which could seem difficult to manage on a daily basis, then the employees would not feel entirely focused on work and a lower work performance would in turn mean a decreased morale. It is believed that a relaxed dress code will also contribute to better teamwork and creativity.

Ease in travelling

Depending on the job profile, employees may have to travel or work a full-on desk job. If the job entails the former, then hopping or sloshing (in case of rains) across the city in a suit might not be the best bet. In a business casual attire, work execution would be easier and the employee would be able to focus on the job at hand with ease.

Business Casual is definitely inexpensive

Apart from being very expensive to purchase, formal suits are also very expensive to maintain in terms of the cost of dry-cleaning, which can be pretty jaw-dropping! Being a part of an organisation with a business casual dress code helps employees to save on the above prohibitive expenses associated with formals.  A smart pullover will always cost less than a business jacket. A simpler set of clothes will always be easy to launder and use over a period of time. Minus the economic strain and having the option to dress comfortably, employees tend to work better and harder, which ultimately translates into higher productivity and profits for the employer. So it’s a win-win for all!

A Perk!

When it comes to attracting millennials in a highly competitive job market, companies need to get more and more creative in terms of the perks they offer, in order to be more appealing to the current workforce. The option to dress in business casuals is so sought after that most employees view it as an important perk, and offering the same can help companies swing the vote in their favour.

The benefits of a business casual dress code are, thus, generous and can be experimented on by major or minor companies alike. Here’s a look at what business casual wear would typically involve-

For Men

  • Button down shirts/short sleeved polo shirts and khakis/trousers.
  • Fridays could be jeans and collared t-shirts
  • Closed shoes/loafers/Moccasins

For Women

  • Blouses/tops paired with trousers/slacks/knee length skirts.
  • Semi-formal dresses; knee to calf length.
  • Pumps and dress heels.

Before committing to a business casual dress code, it is important for the employer as well as the employees to be aware of what is outside of the scope of such a dress code. Anything pushing the boundaries would be cause for concern. It is important for a clear directive to be in place for what is acceptable and what is unacceptable attire, under the umbrella of ‘casual business attire’.

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