Benefits of AI in Recruiting

February 7, 2018

Bill Gates has rightly said- ‘’ We’re changing the world with technology.’’ His words have been resonating since the start of this century. Out of all the tech advancements, AI is considered to be the one with the maximum potential.


What is Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence refers to a system through which computers are able to perform tasks that would normally require human intervention. This is done through speech synthesis, translation, visual recognition, etc.To give you a simpler picture, the computer learns and adapts a mentality which is similar to how the human brain works. The ultimate goal of Artificial Intelligence, globally, is to mirror the human brain, or who knows, even supercede it.


When it comes to recruiting, AI works towards automating various processes such as sourcing, screening and scheduling, which would have otherwise been done manually. Up until AI was introduced into the recruiting world, recruiters of major firms would have to manually sift through resumes, without computing help, in order to find the relevant ones to shortlist. This would take countless man hours which could have otherwise been productive on a larger scale.


Here are some of the crucial benefits which Artificial Intelligence has to offer to recruiting as a whole.


Applicant Screening through Artificial Intelligence


Employing AI in the screening process helps narrow down the flow of candidates through the stages. The AI is made aware of a set of basic guidelines on which it improvises over time enabling it to decipher new data without the requirement of any new input. It goes through profiles submitted and identifies set parameters based on which it either filters out or moves ahead a particular profile. 

The algorithms used in the process also observes the previous years’ recruitment data which makes it even more accurate. Any recruiting mistakes made previously would automatically be adjusted. Interviewfox uses resume parsing and semantic matching to extract relevant data in order to identify and shortlist the most relevant profiles, in the shortest amount of time.


Reduction in Recruiter Biases


Since the process would primarily be managed by AI, the involvement of individual recruiter biases based on personal details would be absent. Although one could say that biases of any kind could also be picked up by the AI itself since it learns, we could always tweak an algorithm in order to avoid any unconsciously employed bias.


Employer-Employee Relations


An AI recruitment process leaves out the accountability of the employer, thereby removing any reason for conflict between the applicant and the HR of the company. If an applicant is not cleared of a stage, one could not blame the HR for the move since it would purely be based on an algorithm. Also, the usage of AI speech synthesis could help initiate a personal level conversation with the applicants. A basic example of this would be a chat box operated by the system with the help of inputs by users.


The Time Factor


If you have to screen 400 resumes, it would take several days. An AI algorithm would screen them and the narrow the list down to 40 relevant ones, in lesser time. It would cut down costs and time. The recruiters would only need to focus on other much more important aspects like relationship building and further sifting. As an applicant, you can expect faster response rates from your potential employer since all initial processing would have been done using AI at a much faster pace.


Enhancing your Applicant Tracking System


Until the advent of AI, traditional Applicant tracking systems being used were proving to be black holes for resumes that went in, never allowing them to see the light of the day, due to inadequate resume parsing, keyword mismatch and a general lack of integration and functionality.

Also, the very important aspects of communicating and ensuring process flow, were not met by traditional ATS. AI uses a more intuitive approach and helps provide better candidate experience by learning the intricacies of the job opening as well as gathering information about every candidate that comes into the system, in order to provide a smoother process that is always moving, communicating and providing feedback. 


AI is taking over multiple services in the tech sector and is projected to aid automation in most fields. Employers should start adopting means which involve the use of AI, in order to eliminate any disadvantage on their part compared to competitors.

At Interviewfox, we have harnessed the power of AI in multiple forms, automating most low level tasks and providing better information for decision making. We use resume parsing, speech synthesis, machine learning and telephony in different stages of recruitment, thereby easing your work in every way. Sign up on today and automate your hiring process!