Five Ways AI will Enhance Recruiting in 2018

March 29, 2018

“LinkedIn reported that 56% of recruiters predict hiring volume to increase in 2018, but only 26% of recruiting teams are going to add headcounts for this purpose.”


This is a clear indication that the workload will be more, but the time and the number of people involved in the work will be less. In order to meet such demands, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruiting have been quite popular in present times.


“AI is not a Pandora’s box, it’s a sound business decision.”


For almost every recruitment process, there is an AI-powered solution. Managers can make good use of it to speed up their hiring process, along with providing a good candidate experience.


A survey found that 49% of recruiters feel that AI will have a positive effect on their recruitment process. AI in recruiting has been a dominating trend in the past year and 2018 will only witness the magnification of this trend. Take a look at the 5 main ways how AI can enhance recruiting in 2018 -


Perfect job descriptions


The job description is the first thing a candidate sees that comes from your company. Apart from representing the image of your organization, the number of diverse and qualified candidates who will apply for the post also depends on the job description you provide.


It goes without saying that competition is fierce nowadays, so you can’t afford to make a mistake while writing your job description. And this is where technology and AI can be a game changer. With the help of data, predictive and sentiment analysis, language patterns are analysed to find out the posts that do well and that the ones that don’t. With such predictions, AI can suggest better keywords to create job descriptions for attracting diverse talent. offers canned job descriptions based on your job title. You just have to provide the title and the job description and keywords will be automatically populated. You also have the option of modifying the description.


Sourcing relevant candidates


A lot of recruiters are expecting the hiring volume to increase this year. It does not mean that recruiters will have more time to look for candidates. It means that they will have the help of AI in doing the same.


With machine learning, candidate profiles are sourced from different sources by connecting to different databases like job boards, resume databases, and social media channels. Candidates can be thus screened and graded automatically in real time. This automated resume screening does not require manual screenings, thus saving a lot of time.


Further, the resume parser extracts only the relevant data from the resumes and discards the artificial ones. Leaving no room for mistake, it will speed up the process of sourcing and maximize the talent pool.


At, the hiring process can be cut down by 80% because of the AI integration in the recruitment process.


Resume screening


An average job posting can receive 250 resumes. Out of them, generally, 88% are unqualified.


A lot of time is wasted during the application and screening process. Though ATS (Applicant Tracking System) has helped in speeding up the process, it may still be difficult to rank candidates accurately.


AI, with the help of machine learning and using software for automated resume-screening analyses the skill, experience and qualification of the existing employees and uses that same knowledge to screen and rank the new candidates that can be the best fit for the organization. There will be no biases too as AI ignores information related to demographics like age, gender and religion.


Rediscover candidates


Say you receive an application from a candidate who is quite talented and can be good for your organization. However, there may not have been a vacancy in the position he/she has applied for, so you couldn’t go on with the recruitment. But the position may get vacant after a few months or a year. Would it not be great if you could bring that same candidate on board now?


Talent rediscovery is an important aspect in many companies, where recruiters prefer looking at their own database for a potential candidate before checking out on external platforms. Once the vacancy is there, the AI algorithm will match the top candidates that are most suitable for the job post. There are also options for automated emails that can be sent to these candidates notifying them of their previous application and whether they would be interested in applying again for the post.


Past candidates can also be targeted through their social media profiles, especially Facebook. This is because a majority of people use the same email id for both purposes. So, candidates may be able to see an ad showing that they had applied to a company once and there is now a chance to reapply.


AI-powered assistance


A common thing that various HR techies agree on for this year is the use of chatbots (AI powered) for various HR requirements. Chatbots are used to communicate with visitors on the website. However, AI powered chatbots can engage with candidates for collecting basic information, answering FAQs about the job position, taking pre-screening interviews and even scheduling an interview.


The information that is received can be then sent to a recruiter who can manually take forward the process. This will not only help reduce the hiring process but also the number of candidates who complete the full application process will be much higher.


With AI making such a positive impact on the recruitment process, recruiters will have a great opportunity to use it to make a lot of improvements in recruiting and candidate experience. Register on, the automated recruiting platform today and hire the best for your organization in minimum time.