Five Ways to Attract Candidates to Join Your Company

December 6, 2017

“People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whether the company’s product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps.”

So, to keep the company going, it is important that the right people are in it.

Most employers are happy in the assumption that since everybody needs a job,  someone or the other will always be available, applying for a job in their organization. However, that is not always the reality. Candidates who are good at what they do will always have options, and so they can always afford to be picky when deciding on which jobs to apply for and which ones to pass on.

You, as an employer wanting to employ top talent in your organization, have to think about the ways in which you can attract the right candidates to join your company.

So what do you do to attract the strongest candidates for your organization?

1. Be interesting and easily available

An engaging and consistent digital presence is of prime importance to stay connected with the audience in this digital age.

It is evident that your company will have an official website, and it will also have a career page. Given the fact that job seekers will prioritize the career page when they visit your website, you can use it as a perfect medium to show what you do. It can be through creative content, event photographs, fun moments or video interviews.  

Another important point is, this is the age of Google, where people believe that no matter what the question is, Google will have the answer. They will expect to find information on your company too and would like to know as much as they can before they even think of applying. So, ensure that you have done your SEO optimization right, so that information about your company is readily available.

Keeping your website mobile friendly is also very important. More than 70% of job seekers use their mobile phones when searching for jobs. A mobile app will be all the more convenient. Even if your company does not have an individual mobile app, you can post job openings on recruiting platforms like, which has a mobile app for job seekers. This way, your company can gain visibility in front of a wide pool of talent.

2.  A lively and engaging social media

Before a candidate visits your website, be assured that he/she will visit your social media pages. The decision to apply for a job in your organization, in many cases,  may depend on what your Facebook page looks like. That is one of the easiest ways by which candidates can keep a check on the opportunities that you send across and at the same time evaluate your employer brand.

If you are inactive on social media, there are chances that you will be perceived as an inactive brand.

Post frequently (without spamming) in your social media accounts to inform the audience about the latest developments in your organization. It can be through blogs, picture stories, Facebook posts or tweets. Your company must also have accounts on professional sites like LinkedIn.

Doing so gives you a chance to get followers for your organization. This way, if any of your followers is going to apply for a job in the future, he/she will already be familiar with the type of brand you are.

3. A clean and transparent hiring process

A long and tedious hiring process is one of the main reasons why job seekers prefer staying away from certain organizations.

Time is valuable for everyone and people who understand this are always valued. A never-ending application process, last-minute interview cancellations or taking forever to revert is not a good way to be remembered by candidates. has a very simplified hiring process where you only have to post a job opening and provide a job description. Candidates can choose the position they want and take a pre-screening interview from their desired location. You can listen to the recorded interviews at your convenience and keep them informed about the status of your job application in real time.

Remember that word of mouth is still the most efficient way of marketing. A satisfied candidate will definitely mention his/her experience to 5 other candidates, and you will never fall short of job applications.

4. Show what you have for them

Seeing your website or social media profiles, a candidate can comprehend the brand that you are and the type of work that you do. But what do you have in store for them? They also need to be shown that part of the picture, as that is what will attract them all the more to your company.

In today’s world, the competition is huge and it is imperative for you to stand out in the crowd. You can do that only by showcasing what is unique and different that you have on offer for your employees that others do not have.

“People work for money, but go the extra mile for recognition, praise, and rewards.”

Promote your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) to attract candidates for your organization. Let them know about the perks and offerings that you offer to your employees. A candidate may initially refrain from applying in your company, but once he/she gets to know that you provide yoga classes once a week, or a free lunch every Friday or a work-from-home facility, the person may apply for the job and can later prove to be an asset for your company!

A detailed EVP is actually a great way of attracting and retaining the best talent.

5. Hosting live events

The virtual world is great, but the real world is even better.

Host an event in your company, where you invite top talents from various fields and give them an idea about your organization, the employees, and the office culture. Industry events are mostly attended by professionals who are sincere and passionate about their work. Such people would be very beneficial for your company.

It is important to engage candidates, shake hands with some and share a laugh with some, if you want to attract the best talent for your organization.

Making a connection, in reality, can definitely bring a major difference. It not only becomes a method of networking, but you may even end up hiring someone from the audience who attended your event!

Saying you’re great is not always enough. You have to show why you are great. Register on today, write a compelling job description and get ready to hire the best from a wide pool of talent for your company.