How important is a job description for an employer?

November 14, 2017

Job description – If it’s not in it, you don’t have to do it. 

A majority of employees love to stick by the above mentioned ‘golden rule’ - literally. So you, as an employer, must ensure that the job description of every post in your organization, is such that all the duties and responsibilities of a particular employee are mentioned in detail. Doing so would mean that your organization would not suffer in any way even if your employees are following their ‘golden rule’.

Writing and updating job descriptions can seem to be unnecessary, unimportant and a mundane task, but if not properly done it can negatively affect your company. Be it for hiring or for reviewing the performance of your employees, job descriptions are very much essential and important.


Here are 7 reasons that highlight the importance of job descriptions for an organization -


1.     It will save your time

Imagine you give out a job advertorial – “wanted worker in the kitchen”. Next day, a large number of people arrive at the doorstep in response to the advertisement. Someone can sweep the floors, someone can clean the dishes while another can organise the shelves. But what you were really looking for is a cook!

What do you do? You spend the whole morning wasting your time informing people that their services are not required.

Remember, the vaguer and more general you get, the greater will be the time wasted, wading through irrelevant applicants. And these applicants also probably would not have wasted their time, by applying for the post, if they knew what exactly you were looking for. And this is what makes a job description all the more important., makes it easier for you to provide quality job descriptions. The platform offers canned job descriptions based on job title. Once you select the job title, the job description and keywords are automatically populated, and you can modify the same as per your preference.

Once the job description is updated, the semantic matching engine shows the relevant resumes first and this way, the time for the hiring process can be cut down by 80%.


2.     You can ask better interview questions

A proper job description not only prepares a candidate better for an interview, but also helps the recruiter ask the right questions. As a hiring manager, you cannot risk asking irrelevant questions and make your decisions based on them.


When you are writing a job description for a particular post, you realise the skills as well as the personality traits that are required for it. So, when you start interviewing candidates, you will know the questions you need to ask, to determine whether the candidate has the skills and traits to qualify for the post.

3.     There is clarity

Often it happens that you, as an employer, may have to terminate the services of a certain employee because of poor performance. On what basis do you judge the performance?

The job description that you had provided during the recruitment process.

A good job description benefits your organization in two ways – one it mentions clearly what you can expect from your employee, so that you do not reprimand them for something that is not their job. Secondly, it sends out a clear message to your employees of what exactly their duties are so that you do not get to hear later - “but that was not a part of my job.”


4.     Will boost the productivity of your employees


Employees can only be efficient at what they do, when they are completely sure of what is expected from them. And this is possible when your employee has a clear job description. Once an employee knows what is expected from him/her, he/she will prioritize the allotted work accordingly. This will result in a boost in productivity, which is undoubtedly good for both you and your company.

Remember that when you have proper and clear job descriptions, your managers will also be able to communicate in a better and more objective way regarding the productivity and performance of every employee.


5.     Helps you determine the salary


When you are deciding the salary range, there are several factors that you take into consideration, like skills, experience of the candidate, the reputation of your organization and many more.

But what about the job description?

To be on top of your game, you must compare salary standards with other companies having a similar job profile. In this situation, a detailed job description can be quite useful. If you are using a recruiting site like, you can take a look at the job descriptions of the other organizations. This can help you arrive at a salary estimate that you can offer for a particular post.


6.     Encourages training/development of employees

Once the interview is over and you have finalized the candidate whom you are going to offer the job, what is the next step? With a relevant and detailed job description, the new employee will know exactly what his/her job roles are and start with the initial training accordingly.

Apart from helping the new trainees, job descriptions will help you measure the performance of your current employees and determine the skill gaps. This will further help to provide guidance to them so that your employees can learn more and get better at what they do.

7.      Keeps you secured legally

Say for instance one of your employees has not been performing his/her duties efficiently for a very long tim,e and even after giving him/her a lot of chances, there is no improvement. In such a situation, you would like to terminate the services of that employee. Now, the employee may file a defamation case against you, stating that he/she is being falsely accused and the duty in question was not a part of his/her job. How will you prove your point?

The job description that you had made will come to your rescue.

It can serve as a legal document that you can show as a proof to what you are saying in case there is a lawsuit filed against you. This way, you can get yourself and the organization out from any legal proceedings before it gets too complicated.

Having a job description for every post and updating it timely, is very important, especially during the hiring process. Register on, provide a detailed job description for every post in your organization and choose the best from a wide pool of talent.