How to attract passive candidates

December 22, 2017

You have an exceptionally well-written job description, a nice ‘Career page’ on your website and you also participate in various career fairs. But you don’t seem to be getting the right candidates that you want.


Wondering why?


Well, it could be because of the talented candidates out there are not actually searching for a job.


Almost 79% of working professionals around the world are considered to be passive candidates - the ones who are not actively searching for a job. But that does not mean that they are not interested in a job switch. They will be ready to explore a new position if they feel that it will help them in their career.


As an employer, recruiting passive candidates is beneficial because accepting the job position will be their choice, and not a mere necessity. They know their job well. So you can indeed save a lot of your time and resource by employing them.


If you have to find people who are not putting themselves out in the job market, it goes without saying that you have to put in some extra effort to reach out to them. Here are some of the ways using which you can attract passive candidates -


1. Boost your strengths


Gone are the days when people just wanted a secure job with a decent salary, today’s millenials want more than that - they look for satisfaction and growth opportunities in their job. Passive candidates won’t be interested in a job if it does not promote a positive work culture and doesn’t value its employees. So if you want to attract these passive candidates, you have to show them why you are the one that they must choose.


Know what your top employees have to say about your company and you will know the strength of your organization. You now only have to boost that strength and present it before the candidates, and you will see them getting interested in your brand.


2. Make proper use of social media


“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.”


While it is a well-known fact that you need to be present in social media to get noticed, it is also important to see how you do it. For example, if you have your company profile on all social media sites, but you hardly update or post anything or reply to messages, it will do you no good.


Engaging with passive candidates on social media is a good way of creating your individual talent community. Talk about the latest trends, news or developments in your industry and encourage people to engage in a conversation. And when people do so, make sure that you are responsive to their comments or messages.


Authentic communication and interaction with such candidates can help you get potential job candidates when you next have a vacancy. However, remember that successful engagement will not happen in a day, it will take some time.


3. Make good use of technology


An application process that never seems to end, lengthy forms and improper or slow responses to candidates, will keep candidates away from your organization. In order to attract candidates, respect their time (and yours too) and simplify the hiring process.


If you are wondering how, technology is what can come to your rescue.


The latest technologies have indeed changed the hiring game, and if you do not adapt to them, you will be left behind in the race. Remember that a good candidate experience is very important for you as an employer.


Make use of online recruiting tools/platforms like, to improve candidate experience. You simply post a job and candidates can apply through the app/website and take pre-screening interviews at their own convenience. They get informed about the status of their job application in real time. With technology such as machine learning, semantic matching etc., you can save your hiring time by up to 80% and candidates will also be satisfied with such a streamlined process.


4. Introduce an employee referral program


“Nothing influences people more, than a recommendation from a trusted friend.”


Employee referral programs can be a good way of attracting passive candidates. Create such a happy and appealing work environment that your employees will gladly talk about the organization and how great it is to work for you.


When employees talk about the positive environment of your organization to their friends and family, people who are not actively searching for a job would also think that this is the place to be. Moreover, your company gets publicity and even today, word-of-mouth is one of the biggest ways of marketing.


A little monetary incentive would be the cherry on the cake.


5. Showcase your achievements


Passive candidates do not like to work for anyone and everyone, they would probably choose an organization which is the best. Therefore, ensure people are well-informed about all awards and recognitions that you have achieved.


The more positive ratings that you garner on review sites like Glassdoor or LinkedIn, more are the chances of recruiting passive candidates for your organization.


6. Keep patience


Just like Rome wasn't built in a day, you can’t expect results for your efforts in a day. Don’t get frustrated if you see that people are not ready to change their jobs for you or if they are not an ideal candidate.

Instead, connect with these people regularly and be updated about their job status. If you are there when they are ready for a switch, undoubtedly you will be their first choice.


Hiring an ideal candidate for a role in your organisation can be challenging, but not impossible. Register on today and choose the best fit from a wide pool of talent.