How to ensure best candidate experience while hiring.

October 10, 2017

John applied for a job, but he chose to not go ahead with it after the interview. Why? – Because the recruiter was chewing gum and bursting bubbles during the whole interview process.

Preity decided not to go ahead with a job when she was made to wait unnecessarily for hours during the interview and on asking, was rebuked by the recruiter saying that she should have patience and not ask such questions.

As the saying goes, recruitment is not just a process; it is an experience – both for the candidate and the recruiter. While you, as an employer, try to understand if the person is fit for the job or not, remember that the candidate is also trying to do the same.

First impressions are very important, and since you, as a recruiter will be representing your company, it is important that you leave a positive impact in the mind of the candidate.

In the age of social media, every experience is shared with the world. “Any publicity is good publicity” is not something that would work here as the last thing that you would want is to have a negative impression in front of job seekers, which can also affect your clients.

So, how do you ensure the best candidate experience while you are conducting the hiring process?

1.     Easy application process

If you make the beginning a difficult process, there are chances that you may lose out on talented candidates. Job seekers, especially millennials who form the majority of the job seeking group, do not wish to fill up pages of application forms for a job.

The shorter the application process is, the more convenient it is for job seekers to apply for the post. Apart from that, if the whole process is mobile-friendly, it becomes all the more convenient.

“Majority of job seekers wish to spend only 15 minutes of their time for one application process.”

On, the profile creation for candidates is a quick and easy process, as is the application process.  You create a job posting and set pre-screening interview questions, and candidates simply click on your job posting to schedule and take the pre-screening interview.  The interviewfox mobile app makes the whole process even more convenient.

2.     Value their time

When a candidate applies for a job, they are putting in a lot of hopes and aspirations in the same. In such a situation, taking a lot of time to just decide and schedule an interview can de-motivate a candidate.

58% of applicants state the reason for a poor experience to be not being updated regarding their application.

Once the application has been made, do not keep candidates waiting for 2 to 3 weeks to be informed about the interview process. If the hiring process is fast, candidates will also know that they and their time are being valued.

It is extremely important that the hiring process must be easy, simple and efficient both for you and the candidate.

3.     Have a flexible attitude

For improving the candidate experience, having a considerate and flexible attitude is very important.

Every one wishes and deserves to be treated well, even if they are applying for a job. As a recruiter, it is your responsibility to make them feel comfortable and welcome when they are communicating with you.

“Candidates are more willing to accept a lower salary if they’ve had a positive application experience.”

There’s one thing that must be always remembered, this is the age of social media. All experiences – be it good or bad, are shared on sites that can be viewed by the whole world. A bad candidate experience shared on such sites can lead to a negative impression of your company.

Treat your candidates well. To be precise, treat them just the way you would want yourself to be treated.

4.     Feedback is valuable

“Feedback is a free education to excellence.”

If you are impressed with a candidate, it is always better to give him/her the good news of being hired with a phone call instead of a mere email or text message. A verbal appreciation and offer has a lot more importance and value compared to any digital way.

However, if you decide not to choose a candidate who was interviewed for the position, it is equally important that the message is conveyed personally by you. Candidates always wish for a responsive communication when they are applying for a job and appearing for an interview.When a candidate takes out time to apply for the job and come for the interview, you should not reject the person just by a text or a mail. Everyone deserves a phone call.

5.     Be in touch

Candidates require communication on a regular basis to have a clear idea of where they stand at the moment. Before taking the final decision, it is but natural that they would want to have detailed information about everything before signing up for the offer.

Communication is very important in every step of the hiring process.

In such a situation, if their calls go repeatedly unanswered or there are no replies to their emails, candidates may think that nothing positive will come out from it and move on to the next opportunity. Inform the status of the application as soon as possible, and do not keep candidates guessing regarding the outcome of the interview for a long time.

You can talk to applicants in real time at with just a click. It also allows you to make and negotiate an offer with candidates online, without wasting much time.

Employees are actually the biggest asset of a company and you must ensure that you provide them with the right treatment right from the beginning. Sign up on and get a 14 day free trial. Hire the best, and they will do the rest!