How to go about a digitally powered job search?

November 3, 2017

“We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.” – Stephen Hawking

The Internet has become, almost the center of human existence. From ordering a pizza, buying a gadget, to sharing pictures with your friends, there is nothing that does not involve the Internet. It has changed everything around us, including the job searching and hiring process. The traditional way of physically going to offices and submitting your resume, or mailing it and waiting for the response, has been made extinct by the latest digital methods of job search.

In this digital age, a majority of recruitments take place online because hiring managers and recruiters find this method to be both time-saving and cost effective.

Technology is constantly changing and progressing, and so recruiters are always on the lookout for people who are digitally updated. As a job seeker, the best way to showcase your digital literacy is by using digital tools right from the beginning – i.e. when you start looking for a job.

A digitally powered job search ensures to keep you updated and ahead of your competitors.


So, how do you go about it?


1.      Use a job searching app


70% of candidates use their mobile devices while searching for a job.

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives, enabling us to get all information that we need, from anywhere, by just tapping on the phone screen. Using this same smart phone while searching for a job can lead to effective results.

A job seeking or interview platform app like interviewfox, can work like a boon for job seekers. You no longer have to run from pillar to post looking for vacancies and applying for a job. Instead, you will have access to multiple job postings and you can apply as per your preference.

In the mobile app, there are more than 7000+ job postings with the option of taking pre-screening interviews and recording a 2 minute audio profile, where you can talk about your skills and impress the recruiters. Apart from that, the easy-to-use navigation process and user-friendly interface is an added advantage.


2.      Level up your resume

While the resume is one of the most important documents when it comes to job search, it goes without saying that your focus should always be to make it creative and unique, to stay ahead of your competitors.


When you apply for jobs online and send your resumes via email/social media, the automated semantic machines select the relevant ones. Therefore, ensure that your resume has the right keywords so that it reaches the right recruiters.

Your resume should be mainly two things – concise but informative and visually appealing. Many candidates are also opting for infographic and multimedia resumes to stand out from the rest of the crowd.


3.      Social media

Social networking sites have always been a personal forum but in today’s time, it is also an important platform for your professional life. These online sites are an ideal place to showcase your skills, establish your own social brand, connect with people online, look for job opportunities and eventually get the job.

Your professional profile’s visibility increases a lot in social media sites and will be viewed by a greater audience. When your skills and experience are displayed in a public domain, the opportunity to connect with recruiters from different sectors will be higher.

Another intelligent way to use social media for your benefit is by publishing your blog and articles. Talk about the issues related to your industry or the professional field that you belong to in related posts and link them to your blogs.  When employers come across your postings, it will directly take them to your blog and before you realize, you may land up with a job!


4.      Building your networks


“Your network creates your net worth.”

Your networking skills are measured by observing your connections and how influential they are. This is important as it has the ability to attract employers who are always on the lookout for professionals who are well known in the circle. A candidate with good contacts and network, are always known to be more productive and can create new business opportunities, compared to candidates who are lacking in their networking skills.

Make networking a part of your regular activity. You can simply start off reaching out to a person whose work interests you. It could just be a simple and short email appreciating and respecting the way he/she works.  Also, keep in mind the language that you are using. It’s essential that you keep it positive.

Some contacts will be greater compared to others, and who can introduce you to other interesting contacts relevant to your industry that may help you in your career in a great manner.


5.      Track your progress


“Being organized is being in control.”

While you are applying to multiple job postings, it is important that you track your progress to know where exactly you stand.

Set up an online or offline sheet where you can keep a record of everything related to your job search. Put in the links of all the places that you have applied to, date on which you sent your application, and other relevant information, like the position you applied for or the contact details of the hiring manager.


This way, you can set reminders for yourself and get all the information when required, in no time. When you apply for a job at, and take the pre-screening interview, you can get regular updates about your status post the interview, and can track your progress, by staying in touch with recruiters via phone, chat or email.


 6.      Advertise yourself

You can now target specific people who are looking for job candidates by advertising yourself through Facebook social Ads, Google AdWords, LinkedIn ads, etc. Though these are mainly used for business, but you can also use it when you are searching for a job.

It is true that you may have to pay a charge for it, but it can help you in the long run. And sometimes you may also get it for free if there are any marketing promotions going on.

Create an ad that you think will be able to capture the attention of a recruiter and link it to your resume or professional profile.

Demonstrate your digital literacy right from the start and you will be in the right place. Download the interviewfox mobile app, choose job profiles according to your preference and get hired.