How To Land That Job Promotion

February 21, 2018

“Good things come to those who wait know how to get it done!” 

Promotions are an integral part of every organization, and are imperative for the career progression of its employees. The increased salary and job responsibilities that come with a promotion, work like an appreciation and affirmation of the hard work put in by the employee. For an organization, it is a way to recognize the sincerity of the employees and entrust them with greater responsibilities. 

At times, you may miss out on a promotion due to circumstances beyond your control, but for the most part, whether you score a hit or a miss depends on your work and behaviour. 

Keep in mind the following points that can help you win the race when it comes to promotions -

Exceed the expectations 

If you think from a manager’s point of view, employees become eligible for promotion when they do more than what is expected from them. So the equation is simple, if you wish to get noticed, make it a habit of adding more value to a task than what is normally expected from you. 

Never hesitate to give some extra time to a project after it is completed to ensure that it has been done perfectly. If you finish your work way before the deadline, try to look for fresh ideas to make your work better instead of browsing your social media profiles to pass time. Learn a new skill that will enhance your quality of work. 

Remember that if you only perform the expected minimum amount of work required for your job, you will get your salary, but for a promotion, the output has to be more. 

Build meaningful relationships 

A lot of professionals tend to make the mistake of not building a sustainable professional network in the company. Connecting with your colleagues, managers and boss is an easy way of networking. While some people may name it office politics and prefer staying away from it, in reality it can be a learning experience for you to talk to people in the same field as you.

 So make sure you attend the conferences, have lunch or coffee with your colleagues and take part in other activities apart from work. You get to showcase your skills and at the same time get noticed. 

Polish your skills 

A promotion means increased responsibilities apart from other things, and to fulfill that you need to be constantly updating your skills. When you learn a new skill, you will automatically perform better. It also provides you opportunities to work on projects that you probably have never worked on before. 

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

 Remember that while intelligence, competence, loyalty etc. do matter in a job, what matters most is the will and determination to get better each day. The Internet is right at your fingertips, make good use of that and read about new tools, technologies and skills that will help you in future. Attend workshops or take online courses if you can. They not only look great on your resume, but also make you an eligible candidate for promotion. 

Focus on the feedback 

“When people give you feedback, cherish it and use it.” 

No matter where you work, you will always receive feedback from your colleagues, seniors, managers and even clients. It can be positive or negative. How you use this feedback has a lot of importance in deciding whether you are eligible for a promotion or not. 

Say for instance, if your manager says that you need to be a bit more organized, there are 2 ways in which you can take it. You can either accept it and implement it the next time you’re on a project or you can try countering the feedback by stating that you were not disorganized, but rather that is the way in which you work best. It is quite evident which of the answers will make you an eligible candidate for promotion in the eyes of the manager. 

Show that you’re a leader 

The initiative and ability to lead  is often an important criteria for getting a promotion. The higher you go up in the ranks, the more are your responsibilities. A manager or a boss will always be looking for someone who can share their burden and relieve them from some of the pressure. And if you are the one who is willing to do that, the promotion is yours! 

Volunteer to take up an entire project, coordinate with all the members and make everyone work together, delegate work efficiently and take responsibility of anything that goes wrong. This way, you can showcase your leadership qualities and when a promotion is being decided on, you will naturally be the first choice. 

Your boss should know you want one 

“You don’t get what you don’t ask for.” 

It is a universal truth that if you want something, you need to ask for it. The same rule applies even when you want a promotion. While it may sound to be a very simple thing to do, surprisingly a lot of people don’t do it. They prefer their managers to take the initiative. 

You may be lucky if you have the best boss in the world, but otherwise you may have to forever wait for the opportunity if you don’t bring it up. 

While “I want a promotion” may not be something that you would want to blurt out to the manager, saying something on the lines of “I would like to discuss my career” will help. Your manager will also be not caught off guard and understand your situation better.

 Your effort, hard work, work ethics, behaviour and probably a little bit of luck is what it takes to bag a promotion. Keep that in mind and you don’t have to worry in the next round of promotions. Searching for a job? Download the mobile app, available both on Google Play and App Store, and get the job that’s best for your career advancement.