How to recruit the best fit for your company?

November 21, 2017

“You don’t build a business – you build people –and then people build the business.”

Choosing the right people is very important for a business to be successful. Recruiting is not always an easy job and you may end up hiring the wrong person who can negatively affect your company. The candidate might turn out to be unsocial, unmotivated, lazy or unprofessional, and could create a rift between other employees.

You will spend a lot of time and resources on training your new recruits, and if you have to look for a replacement soon after, it is a loss of both time and money. Apart from experiences and qualifications, there are other factors that you must consider to ensure that you are recruiting the best fit for your company -

1. Opt for a career oriented candidate

If you want your business to do well, you have to choose a candidate who wants to do well in his/her career.

When hiring new employees, the commitment they have towards their profession and career must always be taken into consideration. If you come across a candidate who has been trying to juggle various careers together or changed companies very often without any valid reason, recruiting him/her may not be a very wise decision.

At the end of the day, you as an employer would want employees who will be loyal and dedicated in the job. They will be an asset to the company and at the same time use the opportunity to make a progress in their own career.

2. Go through social media profiles

Getting to know a candidate personally is beneficial as it can help you analyse the social skills that he/she possesses,  and also whether the candidate can fit into your company culture. You may not always get the answers you are looking for in the resume, so checking candidates’ social media accounts can be a good way to have a better understanding about their character.

Visiting a candidate’s Facebook page will help you gain an insight about the personality of the candidate, his/her values, thought processes and social skills. Similarly, a LinkedIn profile will help you understand the connections a candidate has along with his/her professional skills and expertise.

3. Determine the strengths required for the position

At times, work can get a bit stressful and employees may have to cope with a lot of pressure, such as tight deadlines and fulfilling the complex demands of their clients. So you should always look for a candidate who, apart from the necessary qualifications, has the mental strength to cope up with the pressure.

On the flip side, suppose you have a job profile where the type of work is very repetitive, in such a situation, you have to choose a candidate who will be equally motivated everyday to do the same kind of work over and over again. A candidate having an excellent resume but very low patience level may not be well-suited for such a job.

4. Make your presence felt on mobile devices

More than 60% of job seekers – mostly millennials, use their mobile devices to search for jobs.

The hiring industry at present, is exploring all possibilities regarding mobile usage when hiring the best for their companies. In such a scenario, if you do not have the provision of a mobile app for your hiring process, you are lagging behind your competition. The best talent will automatically reach places where they can go using their mobile devices. has a mobile app especially for job seekers, where they can upload their resume, record an audio profile,  take pre-screening interviews and apply for jobs of their choice. So once you have registered and posted a job in the platform, be assured that it will reach a wider audience and you will also get the best candidates to choose from.

5. Ask open-ended questions

You can know a lot more about a candidate by asking open-ended questions in the interview process. It can actually make them talk more freely about themselves compared to close-ended questions where there is not much scope for elaboration.

You can ask questions regarding their personal interests, and about their previous workplace, if they ever faced any problem and how they handled the situation. When candidates get comfortable and start speaking freely, you will get an insight into their thought process, personality and how well they communicate.

A tricky or out-of-the-box question that may not be related to the job profile can also reveal a lot about the candidate and help you decide whether he/she is the best fit for your company or not. Say for example, you can ask a candidate “Why do you think manhole covers are round?” or “How would you hide a gun?” The questions may not be related to the job profile at all, but the answers will tell you whether the candidate has the ability to think fast and clearly, and how efficient he/she is in explaining a situation.

6. Make a comparison with the existing employees

You know the best employees in your organization, so you are also aware of their skills and the personalities they possess. You can use this information as a deciding factor when you are hiring a new candidate.

While it is obvious that you would not want all employees to be exactly like one another, but when certain qualities and character traits work well in your organization, it is wise to hire accordingly.

In the same way, if you had a problem in the past with a certain employee, due to behavioural or temperamental issues, someone with the same traits can also create a problem and may not be well-suited for the job.

7. Improve your recruitment process 

Upgrading your recruitment process is also crucial if you wish to get the best for your organization. In this digital era, there are various online tools available that have made the whole process of sourcing, selecting and finally recruiting, streamlined and easy.

At, the resume parser extracts important and structured data from the resumes, and the semantic matching engine shows resumes according to relevancy. You can listen to the recorded pre-screening interviews and audio profiles of candidates at your convenience, and find the most suited candidate for the job. In this way, the hiring process can be cut down by 80%.

A seamless recruitment process will attract more potential candidates, and you can make your choice from the best.

Finding the right candidate for your organization might be a difficult process, but ensures to make it simpler and easier. Register today and choose the best fit for your company from a wide pool of talent.