How to stand out from a crowd at a job interview?

December 13, 2017
“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”
-         Coco Chanel

The competition out there is tough and challenging, and if you don’t have something unique to offer, you may become just another paper lost among those 250 resumes that a recruiter receives on an average for each job opening. You may have all the skills and expertise that are needed for the role, but so can the other 249 candidates. So how do you ensure that you are not lost in the crowd, instead, stand out from it?

“Give people a reason not to forget you.”

You come across a job, apply for it and then leave the rest to God - but that’s surely not going to work. Remember even God only helps those who help themselves! If you want to be noticed, you have to do something more than that.

Whether you are applying for a job in a startup or a multinational company, here are some fundamental measures that you must take to get noticed -

1. Customise your resume

The first most important thing that you need to do is to customize your resume according to the position you are applying for. Employers dislike generic resumes and if you send across one, there are possibilities that they will just toss it into a pile of other discarded papers. Tailor your resume according to the profile, while keeping it interesting and making it compelling enough for the recruiter to go through it.

A lot of employers use recruiting platforms like that feature machine learning based resume screening, for recruiting. This software recognises specific keywords related to the job profile. Therefore, it is all the more important to ensure that your resume is relevant and customized for the job description.

2.  A strong cover letter

A resume is something that every candidate will send, so a well-prepared cover letter, in addition, can help you stay ahead of the race. Like your resume, your cover letter should be customized according to the role that you are applying for as well.

Through a cover letter, you get the chance to provide detailed information about your credentials and highlight the skills that are relevant to the job at hand.  Apart from that, it also helps in establishing a human touch, making you something more than just a sheet of paper.

In your cover letter, refrain from using words that will hold no meaning to the recruiter. For example, avoid using words like “the best”, “most creative” or “excellent”. The recruiter has not met you before or seen your work for that matter, so saying such things will have no value to him/her.

3. Do your research well

Researching the company where you are applying for a job is an important step. Visit their website and all their social media channels, and also read reviews from employees. This way, you will gain an insight into the company culture, the work they do and the relationship between the employees and the employer. You can also go through their past and upcoming projects.

When you do your research well, it shows that you have invested your time in the given opportunity and are genuinely interested in the role. And all this will lead to higher chances of you getting noticed.

4. Polish your skills

Just having the skills required for a particular position is not enough, you need to have your essential soft skills too. Say your recruiters are very impressed with your resume and wish to call you for an interview, and you reply back with a sloppy mail - it can simply ruin your first impression. Good writing and communication skills are essential if you want to be ahead of your competitors in a job interview.

Every employer is always on the lookout for candidates having a well-rounded personality. And not only writing and communication, it is important that you have people and social skills as well. This is because knowing how to manage people is essential if you want to progress and move up the ladder in an organization.

Try to go beyond your field and explore new areas of learning. Make an effort to work on such skills as much as you can. This way, you will surely take away the prize while others still wait in line.

5. Show your enthusiasm

If you say you have a passion for cooking, the questions that you will be asked are how often do you cook, what different recipes have you tried making and why is it that you enjoy cooking so much. These questions help a person in understanding whether cooking is really a passion for you or just an occasional activity that you like.

 The same works for a job interview.

Even if you are a candidate with limited experience, showcasing your enthusiasm while displaying your skills and other attributes can help you bag the job. If an organization decides on recruiting a person with lesser experience, the qualities that they will be looking for our passion and inner drive for the job. So if you can convince your recruiter that you are passionate enough, the job will be yours!


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