How To Stay Motivated At Work

February 9, 2018

Do you see yourself making a grumpy face when a new project comes in and you know you have to work on it with the rest of the team?

Are you the one who scrolls through social media pages during work hours, but doing nothing?

Or the person who has the Candy Crush game minimized in your system?


If such is the case, chances are you are lacking in motivation!


For some people, remaining focused at work seems to be a very easy thing to do. Unfortunately, for some it may be a daunting task. Lack of motivation not only makes you feel low, but you also start missing your deadlines as your brain goes wandering here and there, not to forget the drop in quality of work.


There’s no reason to fret out at these moments, as few simple tips can help you get back your focus and motivation -

 Believe that you will do your best 

Before you commit yourself to start doing anything, it is important to prepare your mind for it to get motivated. There are people who just focus on getting the job done, and then there are people who try to do every work to the best of their ability. Which among them would you want to be? 

Having the self-belief and commitment that you will fulfill your responsibilities in the best way you can is one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated.

 Set your goals

Too much of work, you don’t know where to start - the result is you get confused and unmotivated. So, in order to have a clarity of the situation, it is important to set up your goals and maintain a to-do list. 

Take advantage of the digital age and use tracking or reminder apps that will help you set your goals and maintain your deadlines. For day-to-day tasks, maintain a to-do list in pen and paper. This way, when you finish a task and tick it off in the list, you will feel all the more motivated to complete the others too.

Breaks are important 

No matter how busy a schedule you have, taking short breaks in between is absolutely necessary to keep yourself focused and motivated. Get up from your desk after every 2 hours and take a stroll. It can be outside in the lawn or simply to the kitchen for a glass of water. 

You will be more refreshed and energized when you return to your desk. Also, both your speed and productivity are likely to increase when you take breaks.

 Get feedback

Many a times, people can be afraid of feedback from the seniors, but it can be one of your best motivators. If you keep continue doing something without knowing if you are going well or not, you are bound to lose interest in your job.  Remember that both positive and negative feedback qualify to be motivators. 

A positive feedback boosts up your ego and you would want to keep up the good work or even get better. A negative feedback or constructive criticism will let you know the areas you need to improve and help you perform more effectively.

Stop thinking about things that are not in your control

Not only work, but in any aspect of life it is important to stop focusing on things that you cannot control. So, if there is some negativity among your co-workers or the Internet speed is not what you expect it to be, ask yourself can you do something about it? 

If yes, go ahead and make the change and if no, don’t let it demotivate you from reaching your goals. It will be your work that will get hampered in the process. Instead, shift your focus and energy on relevant things that will help you perform well.

 Celebrate your win with a reward

Rewards play a very important role in keeping a person motivated. And that reward need not always come from your seniors. Set tasks for yourself and once you complete it successfully, celebrate the win with a pat on your back and a nice reward. 

For example, if you set a deadline for your assignment by yourself and manage to keep it, treat yourself by watching a movie or indulging in a lavish dinner at your favourite place. This kind of incentive works really well and affirms that you deserve all of it for your good work.

 Spend time with your colleagues

Your colleagues are the people with whom you spend a major time of your day. Being with them out of work hours may seem unnecessary, but it can also be a great way to motivate yourself. Have lunch together, grab a coffee after work or you can even go to gym together. 

Spending some extra time with your colleagues can actually be very inspiring. You won’t even understand when a conversation can spark something in you and motivate you to do something . You will be able to come up with fresh ideas, come up with a solution for a long-standing problem or even set new goals for yourself.


It is okay to lack inspiration at work at some time of your career. Try out these tips and you are sure to notice a positive change in your professional life. Download the mobile app today and get a chance to get hired in top reputed organizations.