Job Trends of 2018

December 27, 2017
Job hunting in 2018 To-Do List  - wait for a shooting star and then make a wish for a dream job, drop not 1 but 3 coins in a wishing fountain or get hold of a genie!

If this is what you think can help you in getting a job in the coming year, that’s wishful thinking, and you know it won’t work.

The 2017 job market witnessed the addition of numerous jobs, with some professions winning the highest rank when it comes to recruitment. Social media and SEO analysts, product managers, sales and marketing managers, graphic designers, data analysts, website developers are among the ones that topped the charts.

In the coming year, the focus will be on technology, which will play a major role in shaping up job trends. While recruiters will use technology to shortlist, engage and hire talent; job seekers will have to focus on digital resumes and maintain their online presence to get noticed by reputed employers.

It is important to have a fair idea about the job trends that will dominate the coming year so that you can prepare yourself for it. Here are the probable job trends of 2018 -


1. Resumes and portfolios to go digital

At present, and even in the days to come, the internet will be THE most important resource where candidates will be searching for jobs, and so, recruiters will also be more interested to look for relevant candidates online. Resume on a paper will slowly take a backstage and digital resumes and portfolios will begin to rule.

While the format of the resume may not change due to its simple and concise nature, job sites and recruiting platforms will ensure to collect all of these digital resumes and portfolios and send it across to more and more employers at one go.

At, candidate profiles are sourced from multiple channels like job boards, resume databases, and social networking sites. Therefore job seekers must have impressive resumes and make their presence felt on websites, have online portfolios, and good LinkedIn connections, to stay ahead in the competition.


2. Social media will have more importance


70% of employers go through the social media profiles of a candidate before hiring them.
54% employers do not hire a candidate if their social media profile is not impressive.
57% of employers are not likely to call a candidate for an interview if they do not find them on social media.

The numbers are a proof of how important social media is in the game of recruiting, and it is likely to gain more importance in the coming year. A comparison between Facebook and LinkedIn will show that Facebook has 1.8 billion users whereas LinkedIn has around 433 million users. It is the place where the crowd is, and it is the place where recruiters will go searching for their star employees.

Most social media profiles contain information about age, location, educational background, previous job titles, names of organizations and personal interests. Such information will be important for recruiters during their hiring process, as they can target people with the most suited credentials.


3. Increments based on performance, not experience

There was a time when the figure on the paycheck depended upon the years of experience of the candidate. The trend has changed now and will continue to do so even in the next year.

Employees are more likely to be awarded a hike based on their dedication and individual performance, without focusing on experience. It is estimated that almost 65% of your hike and bonus will be performance-based.

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4. Transparency in the application/interview process

In most cases, a candidate applying for a job interview is kept in the dark, having no idea how the recruitment process is working or what is the status of their job application. In 2018, job seekers are expected to go through a much more transparent process where they will know the status of their job application in real time.

Recruiters will rely more and more on convenient online recruiting tools like, to achieve this transparency. Once you apply for a job through interviewfox and give a pre-screening interview, employers can connect with you through chat, email, and phone, to keep you informed about your job application in real time.


5. Jobs that will rule the market

India, being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, will continue to create a productive workforce. Organizations will look for new ways to create jobs for specific roles apart from the traditional positions, to retain more employees and get more productive work done, faster.

The IT industry will continue to boom - the most in-demand jobs being that of a data analyst, business intelligence analyst, system administrator and data developer. Apart from that, opportunities in the health sector are also expected to witness an increase.

On the creative front, digital marketing will remain one of the most sought-after jobs, with graphic designing, video animation, and after effects leading in the forefront.


6. The first impression will remain crucial

No matter how advanced the world becomes, you will never get a second chance to create a first great impression.

In the first 90 seconds of your interview, your recruiter will make up his/her mind about you. So whatever you do, you have to ensure that you make a good first impression. The way you present yourself, your attentiveness and self-awareness is an important factor that decides whether your interview will be a success or not.

Trends will keep on changing, so it is important that you stay with the times. Remember that a little progress every day will eventually lead to big results. Download the interviewfox mobile app and take your first step to bagging your dream job!