Perks that matter

January 25, 2018
  • Free lunch on all working days, with different cuisines each day.
  • Beer party every Friday.
  • Free gym or yoga membership.
  • A game room with table tennis, foosball, carrom, chess - also a bean bag if someone wants to doze off for sometime.
  • Free coffee, as much as you want, EVERYDAY! (sometimes accompanied with freshly baked cookies)
  • Two sponsored trips every year, and one to Goa!


Creativity has no boundaries and nowadays companies have taken the creative route too, when it comes to the perks that they offer to their employees. While these perks sound great and will actually attract candidates to your organization, are these the ones that actually matter to your employees in the long run? Will they help you retain your employees for a long time?


Employees may want a spa treatment when working, expect to be rewarded for every bit of work that they do, be a part of a dream team with a super cool boss, and want to go home in time to their loved ones. While all of this may not be possible in the real world, the five perks listed below are what matters the most to an employee -


1.  Opportunity to learn and grow


Nobody ever wants to stop learning, because when people stop learning, they stop growing.


87% of millennials believe development is very important in a job. A job is not just a professional commitment, but an opportunity that can be used for learning and growing.


Encouraging your employees to enroll themselves in courses for their professional growth and providing them with the necessary resources is one of the greatest perks that you can offer as an employer. Online courses, be it free or paid, can be a good way to get going as those will be cost-effective as well as less time consuming.


Remember that there is nothing worse in a professional life than to be stagnant at a job, without any growth. Always motivate your employees to keep learning, and reward them for their hard work.


2. Being valued


“To feel valued, to know, even if only once in a while, that you can do a job well is an absolutely marvelous feeling.”


People always like to feel valued, to know for sure that they are an important part of something big that is happening in an organization. To be able to know where and how they fit in the vision of the company is a perk that every employee would love to have!


When employees know that they are making a positive difference, the enthusiasm and willingness to work will be more as they would want to continue bringing out that difference. 


Apart from the emotional stake, a financial stake can also make a great impact in the minds of the employees. Think how invested the employees would feel towards the success of the company, if they are part owners of it!


3. Positive work environment


Employees spend around 8-9 hours in their office 5-6 days in a week. To be able to spend so much time working in one place together requires one thing - good people. The kind of people that each employee is surrounded with is one of the main factors for deciding whether he/she will be there for long or not.

When people enjoy the work they do and the company of the people they work with, the results are more creative and productive. Moreover, employees also tend to stay put for a longer period of time in a positive work environment.


The work your employees do, needs to be interesting as well as meaningful, so that they remain passionate about what they are doing. When people can connect with their colleagues easily and work as a team, it definitely contributes to the overall success of your organization. Moreover, when everyone is engaged in what they are doing, everyone automatically adapts that same way of working, thus creating a positive office culture.


“Get employees excited about working for you. An enthusiastic and positive work environment is felt by the customer.”


On, you can listen to candidates’ recorded pre-screening interviews and audio profiles, which will give you an idea of the personality of the candidate and whether he/she will be a right fit for your organization, thereby adding to the positive work environment.


4. The great work-life balance


One of the greatest perks that matter is very simple - work-life balance. Employees have a lot of other personal responsibilities apart from the professional ones that they need to fulfill. A work-life conflict can adversely impact the employees, increasing their stress levels, which in turn can affect their quality of work.


While employees want to give 100% to their work, they also want to spend sufficient amount of time with their friends and family, go on annual trips, or attend their favourite concert or cricket match.


Remember that every once in a while, it is important for employees to disconnect from their professional work and

Connect with their personal likes and interest. This way, once they are back at work, they will be recharged and more productive.


5. Fair remuneration


While it is true that salary is not the only factor based on which employees decide to keep or leave the job, it is also true that it will always be one of the most important factors.


All employees must be fairly treated, and one of the best ways to do that is by providing fair compensation. Apart from salary, other facilities like medical/dental, paid leaves, and work-from-home options especially for women professionals, show that their contribution to the organization is valued.


 When deciding about the perks you offer as an employer, focus on the ones that will help you retain employees for a long time. Register on today and choose the right fit for your organization from a wide pool of talent!