Questions job seekers should ask during interviews

October 16, 2017

“He who asks a question is a fool for a minute; he who does not remains a fool forever.”


As the saying goes, no question is a silly question. However, it is silly not to ask a question. While we always keep on asking questions at every point in life for every minor or major decision, there is one important place where people often forget to ask anything.


At the job interview.


After an interview, when the recruiter asks “Do you have any questions?” a majority of people take a second and then answer – No questions. This is where candidates go wrong.

Asking questions shows that you are well aware of what you are doing and confident in doing so. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, a positive impression is crucial during an interview. When you ask questions, you are actually showcasing your commitment and professionalism.

The best questions that you can ask are the ones that can naturally come up during a conversation. A little brainstorming and preparation can help you in this regard.


Here are some interview questions that you can ask during the interview:


1.  I want to know something specific to the organization


The first question that you can ask your recruiter during an interview can be something related to the organization itself. It actually shows that you are well-prepared and have done your research well.

Apart from helping you showcase your skills when it comes to preparation and research, it will also help you in building a rapport with your recruiter. He/She will also be aware of your interest in the organization that you may be a part of in the future, making you a serious candidate for the post.

For example, if you see an overseas branch of the organization in the website, you can ask about it or maybe about any new campaign rolled out by them.


2.  Tell me more regarding the job responsibilities


It is better to learn as much as you can about your roles and responsibilities in the interview itself. That will give you a clear idea of what exactly are you expected to do and whether you are ready to take the job.

When you know the proper details of your job profile, you actually gain more insight about the exact skills and strengths that are required for the role.

If the position you have applied for is new, ask about why this position is being introduced and how will it benefit the company. In case you are filling up a vacancy, you can ask a follow-up question about the previous worker, his/her method of working and how the duties and responsibilities will be transferred to you.


3.  What about managing workflow?


Any company, whether big or small, has a lot of work that needs to be done. You can work 24 hours a day in all the seven days of the week and still find that there is always something more that needs to be done.

But, in reality, that is not how it works. Everyone needs to go home at the end of the day. However, even though there are fixed working hours in every job, there are possibilities that one may have to go beyond those timings.

To have a fair idea from the very beginning regarding the workflow, the best thing to do is to ask your recruiter during the interview as to how would you know that you are done for the day (daily targets).

Make sure you also ask about the company’s expectations of you working over the weekend along with responding to official calls and emails outside your working hours. This way, you would know what they are expecting from you and whether you can live up to those expectations.


4.  Location of the office and when can I come up there?

Many a time, when you post your resumes or apply for jobs through online recruitment platforms, interviews happen over a telephonic conversation. For instance, on, once you have applied for a job and taken your pre-screening interview, you will receive calls directly from employers for a telephonic interview.

In a telephonic interview, apart from other questions, you must also ask the exact location of the office and how well it is connected when it comes to transport. Remember that if you take the job, you have to commute minimum 5 days of every week there. So, planning your route gets easier if you are aware of the location right from the beginning.

You should also ask for a face-to-face meeting so that you visit the office and have a rough idea about the infrastructure and work culture there.


5.  Why do you love working here?


The world is always ready to impress, and in a bid to do that, people often say things that may not actually be true. Similarly, when you apply for a job or visit their website, you will be informed about a lot of lucrative perks and benefits of the company. How do you make sure that they are true?


By asking a person who already is a part of the organization.


Having the chance to contribute and being appreciated for it are the two most important elements of job satisfaction. If your hiring manager is appreciated and valued for his/her work, it shows the office culture and you will know that the same will happen to you too. Also, informal information such as going to office picnics, celebrating birthdays, having the provision of work from home, etc shows that the company has a good work-life balance.


6. What about feedback?


“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates


It is true that you will make mistakes, but it is from those mistakes that you learn and get better at your job with each passing day. Feedbacks are important as it is an opportunity for employers and employees to communicate directly and openly. During the interview, ask if feedback is available only in the annual reviews, or if you will be provided with feedback on the spot after you deliver a work and will also be given suggestions for improvement?


7.  Does anything about me make you think that I may not be able to do justice to the position?


Once you have answered all your questions in the interview in the best possible way, asking this question may seem to be a terrifying thing to do.


But, fortune favours the brave.


If you are courageous enough to ask this question, be assured that you will be at an advantage. First of all, it will show your level of confidence where you are not afraid to talk about your weakness directly. Moreover, it will be an opportunity for you to know what is exactly going on in the mind of the recruiter regarding you as a candidate. Also, if there are any misconceptions, it would be the right time to clear them all while you have your recruiter’s undivided attention.


Asking the right questions can increase your chances of bagging the job. Keep this in mind while preparing for your interview. Sign up on or download the interviewfox mobile app and stand a chance to get noticed and hired by reputed employers.