Remote Working - Do's & Dont's

January 31, 2018

"You can do your job wherever and whenever you can even sit in a beach chair with a cocktail in hand as long as you get the desired results for the company."


Working remotely may seem like a bliss, where you don’t need to commute to work everyday, face no distractions from talkative co-workers, work from the comfort of your home and set your own schedule. While all of this can be really appealing, remote working also requires a lot more motivation, dedication and self-discipline compared to a regular office.


Here are some do’s and don’ts that you should follow for working efficiently away from the office premises:


Things that you should do:


1.  You may not be in your office, but a separate work space is important so that you stay focused and productive in your job. Choose a bright corner that you like and set it up like your office corner. Make sure that you choose a place where there will be minimal disturbance and distractions.

An office will not have the blaring noise of a television in the background when everyone is working, so that should not happen in your case as well.


2. While it is true that home means being comfortable in your favourite pair of pyjamas, the same does not hold true if you are working from home. Get out of your bed, take a shower and dress decently. So that when your boss suddenly says that there will be a Skype call in 5 minutes, you don’t have to panic.


Even when attending a telephonic interview, such as a pre-screening interview on, from home, the way you dress will affect your performance. It is true that you will not be seen, but if you are properly dressed, you will sound like a confident professional. 


3. Being organized is the key to success. Keep a calendar in front of you on your desk, maintain an everyday to-do list, keep the necessary apps installed in your phone. In other words, do everything that is important to finish all your tasks successfully without missing out on deadlines.


4. Try to match your schedule in accordance to the office, so that it is easier for your boss and other colleagues to contact you. This will make it easier for everyone. For example, if the office hours are from 8am-5pm but you think of working from 10am-7pm, the mismatched time can hamper coordination.


5. Wherever you work, remember that you will always need a break. Take your lunch break sitting outside in the balcony/lawn or you can even go outside to a nearby cafe. It will keep you refreshed and enable you to concentrate on work once you’re back. Moreover, a sumptuous healthy meal will always do better than sitting with a bag of chips and not moving from your place.


6. Always have Plan B ready. There can be situations wherein maybe the internet at your house stops working, or too

any relatives have gathered at your place, or there is a family function or any other reason for which you may not be able to work from home that day. So what will you do? If possible, you can go to the main office to work on such days. If not, finalize on a coffee shop that has a Wifi connection facility  from where you can work.


Things that you should definitely avoid doing -


1. You’re working from home, but that does not mean that you are not allowed to go out. Don’t become a recluse in the process. You can always enjoy your time outdoors once your work is over or during the weekends.


2. Working remotely means staying away from your colleagues. You don’t get to interact with them, share meals or jokes with them during lunch hours. So it is very easy to lose touch with them - and this is something that you should never let happen. You must make extra efforts to maintain a good relationship with your colleagues.


3. Always say no to personal calls (except if its an emergency) during your office hours. Often, friends and family members think that it is okay to call you while you are working because you are doing it at home, and work can always be done later but that should not be the case. You can always call back after your work is over.


4. Your household chores and personal errands should not be done during your work hours. You will waste time and

your work will take much longer to get done with. Your office time should strictly involve only office work.


5. Don’t let the hours simply slip away, thinking that you can sleep for a while or watch a TV show and then get back to work again. This way, you’ll never know when time has gone and you’re left with loads of work. Create a schedule and follow it.


6. Work sincerely, but don’t work excessively. You may think you can stay up late night and put in some hours of extra work, but you will only be exhausting yourself. You’ll find yourself tired the next morning, unable to concentrate on work. Ensure that you plan out a sensible schedule.


One of the biggest advantages of working remotely is that you can be your own boss and have a flexible schedule. Follow these tips and you can surely work efficiently, even if it’s remotely. Download the interviewfox mobile app and get a chance to bag your dream job!