Reskilling- The Emerging Workplace Mantra

February 28, 2018

According to the World Economic Forum, ‘robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are most likely to take more than 5 million jobs by 2020’.Humans were not enough, now we’ll have to compete with robots too! However, panickingabout the situation is not likely to help you in any way but thinking of a way to come up with a solution definitely will.

Remember, be it robots or AI, it is only humans who have got the brains - something that matters the most!The best way to deal with such a competitive environment is to keep on learning, as that isthe only thing that will help you maintain relevancy in your job role. Reskilling is something that all employees need to embrace at their workplace, and even organisations and HR departments should create an environment that allows their employees the flexibility to do so.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” The onus for developing new skills in order to be able to keep pace with a rapidly changing work environment that often requires one to shift to parallel unrelated job roles, is on you. The following pointers explain why reskilling is important for you, as an employee, to stayin the game -

To sustain in the job market

You are responsible for your own education and up gradation when it comes to professional skills. By constantly learning through research and by signing up for various online courses, you will be able to sustain yourself in the job market in the days to come. Merely climbing the hierarchical ladder is not enough anymore. Reskilling is very important if you want to keep your career vibrant and yourself increasingly relevant in a highly competitive, technology driven work environment.

To increase efficiency

When you re-skill, your quality of work improves and so does your efficiency. Keeping yourself updated with the latest skills required in your field will increase productivity and enable you to work better with a team or in collaboration. You will also be able to complete your work in less time, which will surely make your managers happy. 

For example, say you are a content writer who writes blogs and articles. You write the blogs in your own way and then an SEO analyst has to check if your article is SEO optimized or not. If not, you have to make changes and rewrite it again. Now, if you upgrade your skills and know about relevant keywords and how to use them in your content, your job will be done in half the time. The SEO analyst will not have to send back the work to you, and your efficiency both as an individual as well as a team worker will be highlighted.

To stand out from the crowd

You may be educated enough, but so are the 1000s of other job candidates! India has the ‘largest domestic population of millennials in the world’ and so you can understand how tough the competition will get everywhere. Basic knowledge, training or experience is not enough if you want to crack your dream job.

It has to be more than that, and reskilling is what that can help you in this regard. Hiring managers receive numerous applications for a single vacancy, and an extra skill in your resume can help you get that job offer, by keeping you ahead of your competitors. Apart from a new job, reskilling can also help you with a promotion. When there are several candidates for a promotion, the one who is more efficient and has higher skills than the others is normally the chosen one.

For your own personal growth

The advantages of reskilling are not only limited to professional growth, but also to personal growth. When you are in the process of reskilling, you learn to do a certain thing in several ways, more efficiently and effectively. You also learn completely new skills that you wouldn’t have thought of learning otherwise. 

This whole process of learning and re-learning boosts your confidence, and makes you realise that you’re capable of doing much greater things. This feeling of doing well, and the constant learning and growth will make you feel empowered, both personally and

If you are getting back to work after a career break, take some time out to re-skill as that will keep you ahead of other candidates, increasing your chances of bagging the job even if you were on a break. Reskilling is a topmost priority for employees as everyone knows the fact that if they don’t re-skill, it will not be long before they become redundant. So start upgrading your skills today! Download the mobile app and get noticed by reputed employers.