The Importance of Clear Workplace Communication

April 2, 2018

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”


Work culture is continuously evolving, it is not what it was 10 years ago. Keeping that in mind, the policies, operations, norms and values have also changed accordingly. In all of these changes, the importance of clear communication in the workplace has gained a lot of popularity, especially in present times when employees need to communicate personally and also via technology.


“Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.”


Communication skills are often considered among the top 4 skills that employers look for in a candidate while recruiting. Good communication matters a lot as it forms the basis of running an organization smoothly. Take a look at how clear workplace communication can make a difference -


To create good relationships


A good relationship between the employees is very important. It brings advantage both to the employer as well as the employees. And relationships can be built and maintained only if there is a positive communication among employees and their managers.


No matter how long you have been in the organization or what your designation is, if you are on the same page with your peers and share relevant information among yourselves, you get closely tied to them. This meaningful relationship reflects on the work and also increases productivity.


For better collaboration and teamwork


“We all do better when we work together and invest in our future.”


Remember that when employees feel comfortable communicating openly at work, there will never be a shortfall of creative and innovative ideas. Most organizations require extensive brainstorming and collaborative preparation on part of employees for the completion of large projects, on a regular basis. In such situations, good communication is integral for successful ideation and completion of the projects.


A person might be capable of doing a good job individually, but it can be done better in a team. Moreover, it will also boost the confidence of the employees and they will enjoy doing their work.




Clear and regular communication, both internal and external, helps maintain transparency in an organization, where employees are fully aware of what is happening around them. Keep no hidden clauses in their contracts that can be used later on them and make them feel cheated. All terms and conditions should be clearly stated and discussed at the very beginning.


When there is transparency, there is a sense of trust and confidence among the employees that will leave a positive impact on their work. Maintaining clear communication will not only improve business internally but also externally, as your organization will be projected as a brand that can be trusted.


To get valuable feedback


An open and a free environment provides a comfort zone among employees where they can talk with ease. Such kind of freedom will allow employees to express their opinions clearly about everything related to the work process. They can give their opinions to their colleagues and also to the management.


Feedback is indeed very important for the proper working of an organization, and this needs to come both ways. Employers could provide feedback about employee performance, while employees could provide feedback on the progress of a certain project or the difficulties they face. This two-way clear communication is integral for the success of the organization.


For dealing with problems


Imagine a situation where two employees are given different briefs for the same work. When the work is finally done, there will obviously be discrepancies and both the employees will be blamed for not doing it properly, which is not true. The fault here lies not with the employees, but in improper communication of what is expected.


Bad communication is the root of a lot of problems. You not only lose valuable time, the work also gets delayed and there is a possibility of misunderstandings among the employees. If the communication is clear, such problems can be resolved easily, or rather they won’t occur in the first place.


To survive a hard time


You never know when your company can go through a crisis period. In such situations, it is quite obvious for employees to be nervous and worry about their future in the organization. They may start wondering about whether they will receive their salary on time or whether they have been properly informed about the actual situation and if they should consider applying in other companies.


Being honest in such situations will instill a sense of trust among the employees. Moreover, if the company has been honest about communicating everything clearly from the very first day, the buildup of trust will already be there and the crisis can be handled more effectively.


Clear and effective communication is what binds employees and employers together, and helps to build great teams and increase employee loyalty. Register on today and build the best team for your organization from a large pool of talent.