The Importance of Employer Branding in Recruitment

March 5, 2018

Mr. Sharma is the owner of a big company, with all modern amenities and facilities. He has an impressive package for the employees along with yearly bonus, and yet, finding candidates for the organization seems to be daunting task. Why?


Maybe because no one knows about all of the perks, since Mr. Sharma never thought employer branding to be important.


“A company has a reputation in the market for its products and what it sells. But companies also have a reputation as employers.”


This reputation, or employer branding, is of great importance to all organizations, especially in the present highly competitive market. Recruiting and retaining top talent is imperative for the continuous success of a company and this is exactly where employer branding can be of great help.


Here are 5 reasons why you should take employer branding seriously as an employer - 


Money is not always everything


Surprising or not, but that’s what the millennial working group believes in. According to a survey, 58% of millennials would go for a lesser salary if the company’s values and ethics appeal to them more. So even if you do not promise a huge package or attractive bonus, you could still have the best talent working for your organization - through your employer branding.


If you have a good reputation in the job market, or come across as an employer who keeps all the employees satisfied and happy, you will never fall short of talented candidates. However, ensure that your company values and perks are clear in every communication that you send out, be it in adverts, career sites or social media.


Employer’s visibility is a necessity


In today’s time, be it candy or a car, people prefer looking it up online before arriving at a purchase decision - such is the power of the Internet. Therefore, it goes without saying that the same will be the case with a job opening.


Say for instance your HR calls potential candidates for an interview. If you have a strong employer branding, the moment a candidate hears your company’s name, he/she will be able to recall having read about your company on the Internet at some point of time and would already have a fair knowledge about your work culture, remunerations, pay scale and other important factors that will help in the decision-making process.


On the other hand, if your company is not that well-known or less promoted, candidates may think twice even before coming for an interview.


It saves a lot of your time and cost


According to a survey from Glassdoor, 69% of candidates choose to remain unemployed rather than join an organization that has a negative reputation, and a study by Harvard Business Review stated that companies with negative reputations paid at least 10% more per hire.


So, it can be concluded that not just branding, but a positive employer branding is very important. Having a positive reputation as an employer translates into lesser cost and time taken for filling up a job vacancy, as candidates have all the information they need, upfront, to take the decision to join your organisation.


 To show what you really are


A company is not just brick-and-mortar or a website filled with jargon. Candidates want to see beyond that, they are more interested to know about the office culture, experience of the existing employees, and everything else that is relatable that would make them want to work for you.


Your employer branding on the website, career and social media sites is a great way to make candidates know what they can expect if they work with you. So be it movie days at office, bean bags, pizza parties or a board game, ensure that all of it is shared so that prospective employees know all about it from the very beginning.


Enthusiastic workers that can be retained


Good employer branding can help you beyond the recruitment process -  by keeping your employees enthusiastic and engaged with their work, hence ensuring maximum retention. When you have a positive image, employees would be highly motivated and passionate towards giving their best to the organization. Not just existing employees, but good employer branding also ensures that you attract and retain the right kind of talent that you want.


Remember that employee branding is not like a fashion trend that will fizzle out in time, but a forever useful tool that will help you in your recruitment and retention process. Register on today and get going to hire the best talent for your organization.