Things You Need to Do before Appearing for a Job Interview

January 11, 2018


“Behind every brilliant performance there were countless hours of practice and preparation.”


From a very young age, you are taught about the importance of practice and preparation to be successful in what you do. Be it for your school examinations, a sport that you like or in creative aspects like painting or dancing, preparation and practice has always been the key.


The same works in the case of a job interview.


You may go in for a job interview and suddenly feel nervous, and notice your palms sweating. It doesn’t mean that you are falling sick, but simply the fact that you are not well prepared. To avoid this situation, do your homework well and you will surely do well!


Take a look at some of the pointers that you need to focus on, before appearing for your job interview -


1. Know the job well


How will you convince the interviewer that you can excel at the job if you are not thoroughly familiar with the  job description?


Before you face your interviewer, you should know the job description inside out. Go through it in detail and pick out the four most important skills that have been listed by the employer. Then find a match between them and the instances when you displayed those skills in your previous job, and note the same down.


If you are a fresher, you can match the required skills with examples from your internship or from any volunteer work that you may have done.


This way, you will be prepared with your answers during the interview and can easily explain why you are better than the other candidates.


2. Know everything that’s on the resume


“The interview is where a sheet of paper becomes a personality.”


And therefore, it is very important that what’s on the paper matches the personality.

Remember that any skills, experience or special achievements that you have mentioned in your resume can be questioned by the recruiter, even if it’s something that you done three years ago in your first job.


Your resume is the only thing that the interviewer will have in hand to know you professionally.


Remember that the recruiter can take up any point from there and ask you to elaborate on how you worked and successfully handled the project. You are responsible to provide all answers that will be asked from your resume. So make sure you know everything that is mentioned there.


3. Do your background research


You will definitely learn a lot about the company once you go for the interview. However, doing a little research on the company before, can help you greatly in the interview process.


Go through the company’s website and take a look at the mission/vision of the company. Check out the company’s social media platforms to know about its culture. For recruiters, cultural fit is a very important aspect while hiring and if you are someone who fits that bill, your chances of securing that job get a lot higher.


Social media can also be a great way through which you can connect with your future employers. Liking a tweet or a post on Facebook, or adding a comment can show your interest in the employer and the organization, and chances are you will also get noticed by your recruiters.


You can also use this information to your advantage when you record your audio profile on interviewfox. You can tailor your introduction to show how you’d be a perfect fit for the organisation, and therefore create a great first impression and get noticed.


4. Prepare your own interview questions


If you think that interview is just a one-way process where the recruiter asks you questions and you only have to answer them, you’re wrong.


Remember that a job interview should be like a conversation, and not like an interrogation. Just like it is important to prepare the “tell me about yourself” question, it is equally important to prepare your own set of questions that you should ask the interviewer.


While you prepare your questions, make sure that they are not the ones that have already been answered in the job description or in the company’s website. Instead, you can ask more about the job role,  the organization and the recruiter’s experience in the company.


The more meaningful and insightful your questions are, the more it will showcase your interest in the job role. Moreover, it will also give you some time to relax and gather your thoughts during the interview process.


5. Pay attention to body language


“60% of all human communication is nonverbal body language, 30% is your tone, so that means that 90% of what you’re saying is not coming out from your mouth.”


Good posture and a positive body language are very important while you are at your job interview. Knowing your answers is not enough, how your present them to the interviewer also has a major role in deciding whether you bag the opportunity or not. You have to show your enthusiasm and interest, with a smile, if you want to impress your recruiter,.


This may not come naturally to everyone, so the best thing that you can do, is practice it in front of a mirror. You can also take help from a friend in this matter. The whole idea is to look as professional as you can.


Being anxious or nervous before a job interview is very natural, but with the right preparation you will be more in control of the situation. Interviewers can make out if you’re prepared or not, right at the moment you enter the room, so try to look your confident best. Download the interviewfox mobile app today and bag the job of your choice!