What do recruiters look for on your social media profiles?

September 15, 2017

What do recruiters look for on your social media profiles?

You apply for your dream job in your dream company. Your interview goes very well. You are sure that you will be the one who will bag the job.

As a pre-celebration ritual with your friends, you throw a party where you get drunk, while friends upload your photos to show the world how happy you are.giphy-downsized.gif

The next thing you know is, you didn’t get the job!

Are you wondering why?

giphy-downsized (1).gif

Studies have revealed that more than 70% employers scan social media profiles of candidates before hiring them.

Your social media accounts help your recruiters understand who you are, apart from the person that you project yourself to be in your resume, cover letters, questionnaires and telephonic interviews. More than the fact that whether you are suitable for the job or not, employers scan the social media profiles to understand whether you are a person that they would want to spend so much time with on a regular basis.

On interviewfox.com, candidates’ profiles are sourced from social sites as well. A faulty social media profile can destroy your chances of getting selected.

Your account may be personal, but it can completely affect your professional life.

Here is a list of things that a recruiter looks for on your social media profile before taking the final call -

1. People you may know

Being connected always has its advantages, be it in your personal or professional world.

Your social media sites are used by your recruiters to see who are you connected to. The better you are connected to the people in your professional field, the better are your chances to get hired.

Recruiters would always favour a candidate who is well connected and active in his/her field of profession. Having any well-known name from the industry or an influencer in your friend list, follower or as someone that you follow will at once be noticed by a recruiter and the chances of your selection will increase at once.


2. What’s trending in your profile

You go to a pub on a Sunday night, consume alcohol with your friends and party all night.

Well, there’s nothing wrong in that, but displaying it in social media can definitely have some negative effects.

Do you know that 47% of employers are turned off by photos of candidates consuming alcohol that are uploaded in social media?

Remember that display of any kind of improper behaviour on social media can cost you your job, even if you are highly qualified for the same. Such behaviour indicates that you are careless when it comes to your personal branding, and the way you market yourself.

And that is a skill that you cannot afford not to have.

Apart from the pictures that you upload, your social media sites are also checked for the content that you post or tweet. Your character traits can be analysed through the contents that you post.

For example, your posts and tweets can say whether you are humorous, intelligent and updated regarding what’s happening around you or if you are quarrelsome, foul-mouthed or judgemental in your opinions.


If you have mentioned about your communication skills very highly in your resume, your social media profiles are probably one of the best ways to check whether it is true or not.

3. Ground rules of grammar

It wz a gud ni8 2day! Can’t b waitin 4 tmrw.

If you think this is the way to sound cool, you should probably think again!

Poor grammar and punctuations, can at once disqualify you for the role, especially if you are applying for a content-based job.

Whenever you post something, pay special attention to your spellings and grammar. You can be trained for any technical purpose, but no employer would like to train you for your language and grammar, at this point of life.

4. How well you can fit in the company culture

More than a questionnaire, your Facebook profile can determine if you are well-suited for a job.

Every organisation has a certain company culture. It is generally defined by the vision, core values and the activities of the existing employees in that organisation. Naturally, when there is a new recruitment process, employers would look for someone who can match the company culture.


So, how do they look for these values?

Your social media profile.

Scanning through your profile, recruiters get a clue regarding your personal, professional and social style and preferences. After all, employers would also want to know a little more about a person, apart from the professional qualities, with whom they are going to spend minimum 5 days of a week.

The wise thing to do, in this regard, is to express your own personality in such a way that is professional but appealing. The most important part here is, to be your own self and not pose as someone that you aren’t in reality.

You can do a bit of research on your part about the culture of the company that you are applying in for a job. Try to highlight your social nature and creativity in your profiles and it will definitely help you in one way or the other.

5. Any reasons for not hiring you

It is but obvious that a candidate will not give any reasons to a recruiter for not hiring him/her.

Interestingly, that very same candidate’s social media profile can.

Any unacceptable behaviour on your part in social media can result in you getting disqualified for the job. The reasons may include -

  • Provocative, sexual or inappropriate images, which one may have uploaded or is tagged in

  • Any kind of information related to illegal activities, such as taking drugs

  • Talking negatively or bad-mouthing a previous employer in the public platform

  • Unacceptable comments related to gender, caste or religion

  • Any information that suggests the candidate was lying about his/her professional qualifications or experiences.

Ensure that you use your social media profiles for your advantage always. Choose your ‘online friends’ wisely and keep a tab on what you are posting and posts that you are tagged on. Register today with interviewfox.com or download the mobile app from Play Store and get noticed by reputed employers.


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