Applicant profile page

Applicant profile page helps to keep the profile up to date.

Personal profile details

Personal profile details section helps you add or modify your personal details such as name, email, mobile number, upload profile photo, educational qualifications, summary of profile, availability information (experience, preferred locations, notice period and expected salary), work experiences and technical skills.

Profile complete %

This section shows the percentage profile completion. To have 100% completion: 1. Provide all your availability details (experience, expected salary, notice periods and preferred locations). 2. Provide profile summary 3. Add at least three educational qualifications usually schooling, high school and degree. 4. Add at least one work experience 5. Add at least 5 technical skills

Upload audio profile

Upload an audio file with the recording of your profile profile. The compatible file format is mp3.

Upload current resume

Update your resume to the latest using upload resume option.Compatible document formats: doc, docx, pdf, odt.

Hamburger menu

Hamburger menu appears after login and helps to navigate quickly to various sections such as settings, change password and logout.

Job search

Search for suitable jobs and start scheduling your pre-screening interviews.


Type a search criteria: job title, skills or company and click on the search button to see the jobs matching your criteria. Use filters on the left on side to further drill down to your suitable job.

Job card

Each job card has details of a job and a button to schedule pre-screening interview. Click on the button to provide your preferences, upload a resume and pick a time slot for the interview or alternatively login to your account to schedule.

Schedule Interview

If you are scheduling an interview, we are automatically applying for this job

Open interviews

List of all the interviews that are active.

Job application

Each job application is shown as a job card. All active job applications are shown in the "Open" section of the interviews tab. You can re-schedule the pre-screening interview by using re-schedule button or cancel the job application by clicking not interested button.


Received offers from employers.

Offered jobs

All the jobs for which offers have been received and an action is pending on the applicants end are shown in the offered tab. Click on the card to view and offer details. Accept, decline or negotiate the offer in the offer details page.

Closed interviews

All the job applications that have been closed are shown in the closed tab.

Closed interviews

All the job applications that have a closure either because of an employer action or an applicant action are shown in this tab. An application can end up in this tab for three reasons: 1. Employer rejects job application, 2. Applicant is no longer interested or 3. The position has been filled.