Employer dashboard

Employer dashboard give a summary of the interviews and offers. Helps navigate to various other pages and provides an option to create a new job posting.

New job posting button

On the employer dashboard, click on the new job posting button to create a new job posting.

Jobs workflow tabs

Each job go through a cycle from being a draft to being closed. You can navigate to jobs in each of the states by using the tab view in the employer dashboard. The current states which a job go through are: draft, active and closed.

Summary on employer dashboard

The summary section one employer dashboard shows you the summary for all the jobs you have posted. Gives you information on number of jobs posted, interviews taken and the number of offers made.

Hamburger menu

Hamburger menu appears after login and helps you navigate quickly to various sections such as company profile, billing, change password and logout. Also gives the summary of job applications received and number of interviewed applicants.

Company profile page

Company profile page helps to update the company details and manage users.

Manager users

Manager users section is provided so that you can add new users by clicking on the plus button. Modify existing users using the edit link for each user and delete each user by clicking on the trash can icon provided for each user.

Company profile section

Company profile section helps modify the company address, summary (about the company) and the company details such as: company website, industry, type, specialities, Founded in, company size. Upload a company logo using change photo option.

Employer billing page

The billing page helps you check the current status of the subscription, remaining credits for job postings/interview call minutes, buying options and the billing history.

Buy subscription

Click on buy subscription button to see the subscription plans available and choose a plan to buy now.

Buy job postings

Click on buy job postings button to to see job posting bundles available and buy job postings.

Buy interview call minutes

Click on buy interview call minutes button to see bundles available and buy.

Subscription details

Subscription details section shows the existing subscription plan details: subscription valid till date, remaining job postings and remaining interview call minutes.

Billing history

Billing history section helps you see the billing history of the purchases made date wise.

Manage job applications

All the job applications received are shown in the applied of the tab of the respective job. All actions that are to be performed on the job application starts from this page.

New job applications

All the new applications received for a job are shown in the applied tab.

Relevant job applications

All the job applications marked as relevant by the employer are shown in the relevant tab.

Interviewed applications

All the job applications marked as interviewed by the employer are shown in the interviewed tab.

Offered applications

All the job applications offered by the employer are shown in the offered tab.

Declined appilcations

Job applications end up in this tab because of either of the following reasons: employer declines the job application or the applicant is no longer interested in this job.

Show job details

Employers can view the job details provided during job posting by clicking on the document icon in the right hand side corner of the job page.

Upload resumes

Applications sourced using other means can also be made go through the LeapZen workflow by uploading resumes. Click on the upload resumes icon on the right hand top of the job applications page to choose the resumes and upload.

Hiring team

Choose a hiring team to collaboratively hire the right candidate for the job. Click on invite hiring team button to choose your hiring team from the existing users already created by your account manager.

Clone job

Employer can clone a particular job and create a new draft job using the clone option provided in the right hand top side of the job applications managing page.

Close job

Employers can close a job by giving feedback by clicking on the close job icon in the job applications management page.

Current resume

View the current resume of the job applicant by clicking on the document icon on the job application card.

Click to email

Use the LeapZen click to email feature to send emails to job applicants directly.

Call now

Use LeapZen's call now feature to reach out to applicants in real time. Click on the call now button to connect to applicants via phone. LeapZen dials to the employer first, keeps on hold until the applicant receives the call.

Job application card

Each job application card gives details of the job applicant and provides you with the actions to be taken on the job application (mark as relevant, mark as interviewed, offer and decline). View current resume, pre-screening and telephonic interviews recording, audio profile, give comments and rating on this application just using job application card and its actions.

Job application filters

Use the filters on the job applications page to drill down to further relevant applications based on location, experience, salary and educational qualifications.

Pre-screening interview recording

Recorded pre-screening interviews are made available to the employers for each job applications once the applicants have completed their pre-screening interviews. You can click on the headphones icon on each job application card to listen to these recordings.