provision Soft Private Limited

Software Architect

  • 04 December, 2017
  • 4 - 8 years
  • New Delhi/Delhi
  • 5 - 10 Lakhs (p/a)


  • kafka
  • cloud computing
  • Python
  • go lang
  • tcp/ip
  • Network architect
  • Socket programming
  • Realtime

Job Description

This role is responsible for designing, developing, operationalizing, sustaining and scaling new Data Stream Network for provision.
This includes our secure, distributed messaging bus as well as all adjacent services and data pipelines including Storage/Playback, Presence, Access Management, Push Gateways and more. This is something similar like are doing and we want to start that kind of infrastructure for our own apps that need million of chat per second and more.
We are new in clound network infrastructure and looking for engineers who can start and handle the dream project with help of some other team members and bring in world class chatengine, realtime messaging platform and IOT network for hundred and thousand of engineers.
We focus on innovation and teamwork.
Consequently, we place the team ahead of the individual when solving problems and celebrating achievements.
If you are on a journey to seek a team whose modus operandi is to swarm hard problems and deliver great outcomes, we are your destination!!
As an Architect, you would be directly responsible for championing design, design patterns, software and technologies; adopting and adapting frameworks and services used/needed by the current system and forward looking roadmap.
In net terms, you’ll serve as a productivity multiplier, guide and mentor for other developers in the team.

We are looking for exceptional engineers to evolve and scale out new services at provision. As a member of the Engineering team, you will be:
1. Responsible for large scale infrastructure running on multiple datacenters worldwide.
2. Pushing the envelope on messaging, distributed data storage & replication, auto-scaling and distributed system security.
3. Architecting and building enhancements to our data stream network that currently processes billions of transactions each month and data at Petabyte scale.
4. Identifying ways to extract/deliver technical and business value from huge data sets.
5. Exploring various hardware & software strategies.
6. Engaged in all aspects of product development and will be working closely with product management, operations, client-engineering and customer success teams.
7. Working with an exceptional team to help scale a fast paced business.
To excel in this role, you should be:
1. Able to independently work on challenging compound problems as well as collaborating with other team members to solve major goals.
2. At ease, balancing short-term execution with longer-term concerns related to performance, scale and cost.
3. A hands-on engineer and a natural team player, who knows when to be heads down and when to step up and provide technical leadership.
4. Present complex ideas and approaches in simple communicable terms across engineering and management levels.

Experience & Skills Required:
A strong candidate would have:
4-8 years’ experience designing and developing server components and APIs.
Strong programming and design pattern fundamentals.
Deep expertise with Python, Go and/or C.
Expert knowledge of networking concepts, network protocols and security (TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, NTP, DNS, TLS etc.)
Hands-on development experience with:
a) Linux kernel modules
b) Reverse proxies
c) Web accelerators (Varnish etc.)
d) Micro services architecture (Docker and Kubernetes)
e) Data frameworks, NoSQL/In-memory databases (Cassandra/Redis), messaging systems (Kafka, ZeroMQ)
Operational experience with web-scale infrastructure on Public cloud deployments (Primarily AWS, but also a plus - Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Rackspace, SoftLayer etc.)
Working knowledge of shell scripting, Continuous integration and delivery.
Ability to multi task concurrent initiatives and dynamically reprioritize with ease.
Strong analytical and communication skills.
BS or MS in Computer Science or related technical field.

Company Profile

Provision soft private limited is one of the startup company which incorporated in 2017 to change the dynamics of consumer internet and lead the way how internet and technology consumed by the users and business by empowering them with latest services and solution based on the platform of technology. The Primary business interest of Provision as a startup in Car Rentals/ Cab Booking, Food delivery and Managements, Ticketing and Provisioning, Operator Managements, Bus and Ride Managements and Stay managements for corporate executive and business class. Provision is well funded internally and creating world-class technology products in India to start business operation in India and benefit companies which are operating in Indian market and then further expand expertise to multiple countries in Asia, Europe, America and Middle East market. Provision soft is a consumer Internet business with imaginative innovation that empower corporate and business house to enhance the administration and proficiency of representative transportation.

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