Ignite Solutions

Lead Full Stack Developer

  • 28 May, 2018
  • 5 - 7 years
  • Pune
  • Not disclosed


  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Angular JS
  • MongoDB
  • Flask
  • mobile applications

Job Description

We work on multiple cloud platforms (Azure, Google App Engine, Amazon, Docker). We work with multiple databases (Cassandra, Mongo, ElasticSearch, Redis). We work in Python and JavaScript. We work in HTML5, iOS, and Android. We build frameworks and then capitalize on them to build awesome apps.

About you:
1. You have 5+ years of experience working on products or projects that have gone to production.
2. You love technology and have hacked with multiple languages and programming stacks. You need to love to get your hands dirty by doing things.
3. You continually explore new technologies and get in-depth in them.
4. You have solid experience in either Python or NodeJS and are comfortable with known, and reliable frameworks like Django/Flask for Python or Express/ Promises/Redux for NodeJS.
5. Knowledge of Python 3 or the NodeJS V8 engine, and how it works.
6. You have expertise with NoSQL databases like Mongo, ElasticSearch or Redis.
7. JSON is your middle name.

What you will work on
1. You will work on scalable, highly secure apps serving hundreds of millions of users with excellent response times.
2. You should know how to build fast APIs that are reliable, robust, and secure.
3. You will be involved with Python or JavaScript. You will likely work with Azure, AWS, or Google App Engine.
4. You will write elegant code, come up with clearly articulated designs and even get a chance to dabble in the architecture of large systems.

Once you join, the opportunities are open and you can rise to the level of your capabilities quickly. We expect you to hit the ground running with your knowledge and your skills. We have a stable software lifecycle methodology which includes Git, Ansible, Docker and more. You will get to adopt and adapt this for the projects. Being part of a team that serves start-ups means that you must think on your feet, apply your knowledge, learn interesting technologies. It also means having fun.

Company Profile

We’re a team of passionate individuals who believe that a product succeeds when every person involved is thinking of how it is used, its user experience, its market fit and its growth. We delight in creating highly impactful products with intuitive designs and robust software. We seek and do work with companies who have ambitious ideas and want to see them brought to life. Our teams challenge ourselves and our clients to question, ponder and iterate on features, often pushing back on grandiose concepts and proposing simpler alternatives. We walk in the client’s shoes every day, taking ownership and emotionally investing in their product’s success. We respectfully defend our viewpoints when we think they are better for the clients’ business. We love working with clients who respect and encourage such input. We strive to deliver far more value that the scope of services we may be engaged in. Learn more at https://www.ignitesol.com or drop us a note at info@ignitesol.com.