Visit home page, scroll to the how it works section and see how InterviewFox can help you find your dream job.
InterviewFox is an interview platform helping employers and job seekers connect at the right time in an efficient way.
You can click here to register. Alternatively, search for a suitable job (on InterviewFox jobs or job portals), choose your preferences, pick a timeslot for pre-screening interview and upload your resume for auto registration. You will receive an email with your login credentials in case of auto registration.
Please click here to open forgot password window. Provide your registered email address and submit. Reset password instructions will be sent to your email.
Please follow the instructions in your email after registration. Click on the link provided in the registration email to activate your InterviewFox account.
InterviewFox does not charge applicants anything. Please do not encourage or pay anyone insisting you to pay for InterviewFox services. You can report any such issues to our support team.
Go to the respective job card, click on the not interested button at the bottom. The card moves to the closed tab and your application is not pursued further.
InterviewFox provides the applicant a timeline view which shows the current status of the job application. You can access you timeline for each job by clicking on the timeline link on the job cards.
Please login to your InterviewFox account. Visit the profile tab and edit any section to update your latest details.
Please login to your InterviewFox account. Visit the profile tab and on the right hand bottom corner choose a new file for your latest resume and click on upload button. Your latest resume will be reflected shortly on your profile.
If you are currently not actively pursuing a job search, you can turn the active switch to off. This will ensure your profile is no more shown to potential employers. Please remember to turn it on in case you want to look out for a new job.
You are not just your resume! InterviewFox helps candidates showcase themselves better by recording candidates audio profile. It a 2 minute recording done by you talking about yourself, your experiences and interests. It also helps employers screen applicants.
Your profile is only visible to employers to whose jobs you have applied. InterviewFox does not share or publish or market applicants data without your consent.
Please call us on 04039363927 between 9 AM to 9 PM any day with your unique code to record your audio profile.
Pre-screening interviews are taken by employers to eliminate unsuitable applicants before pursuing the application further. InterviewFox helps employers with pre-screening the applicants using a recorded IVRS based telephonic pre-screening interviews. Employers provide their custom questions for each job for which the applicants are required to record their responses at their convenience.
Search for a suitable jobs, click on schedule pre-screening interview. Choose your preferences, pick a timeslot and upload your resume to schedule your pre-screening interview at a time convenient for you.
In case your call is disconnected in between the pre-screening interview, you will receive a call back within two minutes and you can take continue the interview from where you left off. Alternatively you can reach us on 04039363918 with your interview code to take the test anytime.
You cannot retake a pre-screening interview once you have completed.
No. Your pre-screening interview are showcased only to the hiring team of particular company to whose job you have made an application.
Login in your InterviewFox account, go to the particular job card, click on the head phones to listen to your recorded pre-screening interview.
Employers can reach you directly either through telephone or through our two way communication channel at any given instant in time once you have successfully made your job application. You have better chances of employer contacting you please complete your pre-screening interview.
Login to your InterviewFox account, visit the interviews tabs. Go to offers tab and click on accept for the respective offer you want to accept. Other options for the offer are to negotiate and to decline the offer. Negotiate helps you converse with the employer directly.
Login to your InterviewFox account, visit settings section in the hamburger menu on the right hand side. You can choose to turn on or off on the type of notifications you would like us to send you.
InterviewFox’s semantic matching engine will look for most relevant jobs based on your profile and recommends you to apply for them in the form of email job invitations. Once you choose to apply the employer will have access to your profile to pursue the application further.