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Pre-Screening Interviews



How It Works

Work flow employer


Aggregated resumes

Candidate profiles sourced from multiple channels such as job boards, resume databases and social networking sites

Structured profile data

Resume parser extracts structured data from resumes and discards duplicate applications

Relevant applications

Semantic matching engine makes sure that applications are shown in the order of their relevancy

Question Bank

Wide range of questions to choose from 150+ skills across various domains or add custom pre-screening questions

Recorded pre-screening interview

Auto scheduled and recorded applicant pre-screening interviews, made available to listen at convenience

Collaborative hiring

Flexibility to add hiring team members with identity and access management permissions

Instant calling

Reach out to candidates in real time ensuring quick turn around

Recorded telephonic interview

Recorded telephonic conversations made available to the hiring team to help review and rate the applicants

Integrated offer management

Make provisional offers, negotiate and revise offers with selected applicants

Subscription plans

* plus taxes

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