You can click here to register. There provide your details and your company details to register as an employer with InterviewFox.
Once you have registered with InterviewFox as an employer, you will receive a call from one of our support executive to confirm your registration. Post the confirmation your account is approved and activated for you to login. In case you have not yet received a call from our support team, please reach us on
You can pay online by Credit/Debit Cards, Online Banking or call our sales team for cheque and other offline payment methods.
You can create unlimited users with different access permissions.
The various permissions given to users are: Account management (adding and managing users), Job postings (Post new job), collaboration (shortlisting, rejecting, viewing and calling candidates) and Billing (buy and pay).
You can only use InterviewFox services while you have active subscription. Please renew your subscription to access your account.
Each subscription pricing plan is associated with designated number of job posting credits that can be used to post your requirements for your open positions.
Call now feature connects your to the applicant instantly over telephone. In order for you to use this features, you need to have interview call minutes. Each subscription plan gives you designated number of interview call minutes included in it. In case you need further credit, you can buy them separately.
Your job posting credits will be carried forward when you renew your subscription.
Click here and provide your registered email address and reset password instructions will be sent to your email.
You can reach our support team anytime using the help on the website which generates a ticket. Alternatively, reach us on +91-40-4585-9999 over telephone.
You can post new job only if you have a job postings permission. Please login to your account, click on new job posting button, provide job details, interview pre-screening questions and create the job.
In the job posting page, the first step is job details. Start typing the job title and our auto suggest will show you relevant job title, you can choose the existing ones or provide your own. Provide experience, industry, required qualifications, salary, location and job description to post the job.
Once you create a job, you can either save it for later or post it now. If you save it for later, you can edit them any number of times and these jobs are called draft jobs. Only after you click on post job button, these jobs will be posted to various job boards.
InterviewFox will make sure that all the data you provided is correct and follows our policy. Hence it is sent for review before being posted on job boards.
Visit the billing page from your dashboard to check all billing related things. You can view your currently plan, validity, job postings and interview call minutes remaining.
Visit your billing page. Click on either buy subscription (has inclusive job postings) or buy job posting credits to add more job posting credits to your account.
Go to the jobs page from your dashboard. Click on the active tab to view your active jobs. Click on the job card that you wish to close. On the top right hand side of the active job posting you’ll find an icon and option to close the job. Click on it, provide feedback and close the job.
Go to closed jobs tab in jobs page. Click on re-post button on each of the job cards to re-post your jobs.
The validity of each job is 30 days from the date of posting. In case of 30 days limit is reached then the job is automatically closed by the system. If you wish to still search for profiles, please post new.
Sorry, Once the job is posted you cannot edit your job. Please reach our support team if you require any changes.
Please edit the job based on the feedback given and post the job. No job postings are consumed in case of job rejections.
The different tabs in active job postings are: Applied (all new applications), relevant (applications marked as relevant by you), interviewed (applications interviewed and marked as interviewed by you), offered (applications to which offer has been made) and rejected (applications declined by you).
On each job card of the applicant, you can see a document icon on the top right hand side corner, please click on the icon to view the resume of the applicant.
On a job card in any of the first three tabs (applied, relevant and interviewed), click on offer button to offer a candidate.
Negotiate with the applicant using the two way communications channel. In the offered tab, click on offer button to revise and send the applicant revised offer.
Click anywhere on the job card to visit applicant profile page. On the right hand side of the page you have an option to go to conversations window. Type your message and press enter to start your conversation with the applicant.
When you decline an application, the job card moves to the rejected tab and the applicant is notified that his/her job application is not pursued further.
Applications are marked in to three categories based on their profile relevancy to the job description: Green – Application is relevant, Yellow: Application might be relevant, Red: Application is not relevant.
You can choose a minimum of 3 questions and a maximum of 5 questions.
Yes, just start typing your question and press enter to add the question to your pre-screening interview questionnaire.
Applicants take the pre-screening interview over an IVRS telephonic call.
On each job card of the applicant, you can see a headphones icon on the top right hand side corner if the applicant has completed the recorded pre-screening interview, please click on the icon listen to these recordings.
You can only see pre-screening interviews of the applicants who have taken the interview. Reminders to the applicants are automatically sent by the us asking them to take the pre-screening interview.
Click on “Call now” button in the job cards of applicants to call applicants instantly.
No, Your call will continue and the interview call minutes left will be negative. Until you buy more credit you cannot use the call now feature.
Visit your billing page you view the remaining interview call minutes.
No, they are only consumed if you have a conservation with the applicant.
There is validity as such on the call minutes, you need to have a active subscription to consume your interview call minutes.
Please visit your billing page to buy more interview call minutes.
On each job card of the applicant, you can see a phone icon on the top right hand side corner if the applicant has attended any telephonic calls. Please click on the icon to flip the card and listen to these recordings.
Click on any job in the active jobs tab. On the right hand top side of the page you’ll find icon to add hiring team/collaborators. Choose existing user s from your company to assist you in hiring and click done.
Any user with the permission to collaborate can be added as an hiring team member.
Under the applicant name on each of the job application card, there is a link to write comment. Click on the link to flip the card and provide your comments or ratings on the applicant.
Under the applicant name on each of the job application card, there is an link showing number of ratings. Click on the link to flip the card and check the consolidating comments or ratings on the applicant.